One on One: Tasha Reign

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It’s very rare to come across a woman such as Tasha Reign. Not only has Tasha been one of the most recognizable (and talented) women in the adult entertainment industry, but her story does not end (nor does it begin there). Tasha is also an accomplished model (featured in Playboy and Penthouse), attended and graduated UCLA, as well as a writer, and aside from being a performer in the adult entertainment industry, Tasha is also a director. A woman of many talents, Tasha allowed us to explore more about her than you might already know.

When did you decide to go into the adult film industry?

Tasha Reign: I got into the adult film industry when I was 21, and I’m 27 years old today. I had modeled for Playboy and a few bikini companies and sexy calendars but decided to take the leap into the film after reading Jenna Jameson’s book How to Make Love Like A Pornstar.

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What was the hardest part for you when you first started out in the adult film industry?

Tasha Reign: The most challenging part of the adult business at the beginning for me was accepting peoples’ judgments about what I was doing and facing the rejection of many friends and family members for my new found career. Also, trying to perform on camera in a fashion I was not accustomed to at home was also difficult.

How did you stand out from other women in the industry, and how have you been able to maintain your dominance through the years?

Tasha Reign: Great question. I always say there is no formula or way to really stand out from other women in the industry it is merely the taste of the market. Who is watching? Do they like you? Will they pay to watch it? That is why it is so risky, you never really know. I am consistent with my content, I am a hard worker, I always interact with my fans on social media, and take any chance I have to shine.

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Technology (i.e., social media) has drastically changed the way that we connect with each other. In what way has social media played a role in your career?

Tasha Reign: Social media is a huge part of my career, it is something I engage with every single day. I am very into Instagram and Twitter and make sure I am accessible online. It has made it easier to get noticed and made it more challenging to make money from traditional content, and for that reason, you have to adapt with the times!

Why do you think that sex is still not socially acceptable in our country? Violence seems to be accepted, while sex is still frowned upon.

Tasha Reign: It is not? Lol! Just kidding, I ask myself that every day. I believe this stems from patriarchy. The puritanical foundation that started and governs this country. Men feel like their one weakness is a women’s sexuality, to give that power and acceptance is something that would weaken our dominant male society.


What is the proudest moment in your career?

Tasha Reign: I am not sure I have a particular time I am most proud of. However, I am proud that I have stayed in the business this long and continue to enjoy my career and speak up when I need to.

How do you overcome negativity in your personal and professional life?

Tasha Reign: I am working on it, it can take a toll on me for sure. I write, which is therapeutic, and I am constantly trying to stay grounded by meditating.

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When you get out of bed every morning, what motivates you?

Tasha Reign: My desire to entertain people, be a voice that people can trust and look to, my animals, my passion for living and the idea that life is extremely short.

Is there anything that you haven’t accomplished in your career, but would like to?

Tasha Reign: Many goals, I would like to cross over to mainstream and be a household name, I would also really love a fleshlight mold!


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Tasha Reign: I just shot my first gang bang, and it is in a new movie called “Hard Reign 2,” which I am so enthusiastic and excited for you to see. Elegant Angel is the company who shot it, and the content will also be on