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Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall exclusive interview with Beyond The Entertainment

Our world is inundated with technology and short attention spans. The adult entertainment industry features talented performers that command your attention on the screen. One woman, in particular, Cindy Starfall, is an authority in the industry.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, and later moved to America, Cindy Starfall, had always wanted to express her sexuality. Working in the corporate world, Cindy started to get interested in the adult entertainment industry. Cindy got her feet wet in the industry as a glamour model, then she transitioned to webcam work, and ultimately became an actress. Cindy has quickly risen to the top of the industry and has worked for powerhouse companies such as Hustler, Evil Angel, Hustler, Digital Playground, and Wicked Pictures just to name a few.

In 2016, Cindy Starfall’s movie “Starfall” won Asian-Themed Release of the Year at the Xbiz awards. It would be easy for Cindy to rest on her laurels, but she didn’t. Cindy launched her website CindyStarfall.net for her fans to enjoy and offers items such as a magic mug that undresses Cindy and her very own men’s t-shirt line.

Cindy has put her stamp on the adult entertainment industry, and she’s proven that she’s one of the best to ever appear on the screen.

How did you get interested in the adult entertainment industry?

Cindy Starfall: Before porn, I saw girls in the magazine, and they were so pretty. They feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I wanted to be like them, not caring about what others think about me.

What made you transition from webcam work to being an adult actress?

Cindy Starfall: I was offered by Hustler to be in their magazine. In a way, porn found me. I had been webcamming at night while having a full-time corporate job, so I thought, ‘why not?’ Do what makes you happy! Sometimes you just say, “fuck it, let’s do it despite the stigma with the adult industry.”

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall exclusive interview with Beyond The Entertainment

You’ve worked with companies such as Evil Angel, Digital Playground, and Wicked Pictures. What’s it like working with the top companies in the industry?

Cindy Starfall: I’m honored to be able to work with such reputable companies. Directors are so creative and put in the best effort to make the best scene. I’m even more excited when the fans get to see it.

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

How do you come up with new content? Describe the process of brainstorming an idea and bringing it to fruition?

Cindy Starfall: I think of what turns me on, what would turn my fans on. I have such a twisted mind. Then I will put together a team to make the best quality movie. I love asking fans for suggestions of what they like to see. Porn is a fantasy. We make movies for the fans but also do what I’m comfortable with.

To date, what are you the proudest of in your career and why?

Cindy Starfall: I’m proud that I still stay true to myself. I don’t let fame or money change who I am or how I treat people. I’m proud to hold my own in this business, not changing my body based on others opinion. You can be the prettiest face or win many awards but a shitty person to others, those are the people who will never deserve my respect.

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Your movie, “Starfall” won “Asian-themed Release of the Year” at the XBIZ awards in 2016. How did it feel to win and be recognized by the industry?

Cindy Starfall: I feel very shocked and honored because I’d never thought I can make it this far. I’m just a girl from Vietnam, and I’m proud of it. It’s definitely an American dream.

How important are social media and technology to you and your career?

Cindy Starfall: It’s so important these days! I love interacting with my fans on Twitter and Instagram. I make YouTube videos so my fans can see what I love to do off camera. Even better, I created Club Starfall for my fans to join so they can watch my daily x-rated videos straight from me. It’s important to create a connection with my fans. I’m not just an actress. I’m more than that. I want to get to know my fans like I’m letting them get to know me.

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Is there anything in your career that you would’ve done differently, changed, or not done at all?

Cindy Starfall: I wish I could’ve learned to say no at the beginning of my career. There were a few times when big directors decided to take advantage of me. I was so new in the business. I didn’t know I couldn’t say no because I was taught to be a pleaser. I’ve grown up now, and I don’t care what people think. Some directors might hate me because they can’t get away with things anymore. So it’s so important to me when I see girls getting harassed. I wish I could’ve told people, but I was afraid because they are big directors in the business who work for big companies. Anyway, we move on, it’s over now!

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

Adult Film Star Cindy Starfall

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Cindy Starfall: I’m launching an exciting website CindysFlix.com on my birthday month, November. Cindy’s Flix is a website in which you can stream or download my exclusive movies. Content you have never seen before, and it’s all for you. Videos from lesbian, solo, to fetish scene. I’m very excited to debut it soon!

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