Jollity: Zoe Bloom

Adult Film Star Zoe Bloom

There’s a new girl in the adult entertainment industry, and she’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. Zoe Bloom has an infectious smile, and her sex appeal is second to none. Since entering the industry, Zoe Bloom has shown that she’s one of the most talented performers around. You’ve most likely seen her with Rosalyn Sphinx, or you may have seen her first squirt on camera with Jules Jordan. Whichever scene that you’ve viewed with Zoe Bloom, you know that she’s beautiful and talented beyond belief.

How did you get interested in the adult entertainment industry?

Zoe Bloom: I did some camming on chaturbate. My agent messaged me on Instagram and said one of his scouts found me, and he asked If I would like to join the industry!

What was your overall experience when you did your first scene?

Zoe Bloom: I was a bit nervous, but everyone was super nice, it was laid back, and I ended up feeling amazing afterward.

Adult Film Star Zoe Bloom

Do you have a plan or specific goals that you would like to achieve in the industry?

Zoe Bloom: I would just love to gain more following and hopefully one day have my own Fleshbot, lol.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Zoe Bloom: I hangout with my friends and family a lot. I love to run, walk and exercise. Singing is a passion of mine. I also smoke a lot of weed, lol.

In your opinion: who’s the greatest female and male performer of all-time?

Zoe Bloom: I’m a huge fan of Janice Griffith, she is stunning. And a great male performer I would say is Manuel Ferrera.

Adult Film Star Zoe Bloom

To date, what’s been your favorite scene and why?

Zoe Bloom: My favorite scene so far was my Blacked scene. Everyone there treated me like a princess, and Rob Piper was absolutely amazing to work with. The sex was energetic and passionate.

Do you have a wishlist of companies/performers that you would like to work with?

Zoe Bloom: I hope to work with Janice Griffith hopefully one day, and I would love to be a Penthouse Pet!

Adult Film Star Zoe Bloom

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

Zoe Bloom: That I’m innocent. I may look it, but I’m the furthest thing from it.

If you could get a message out to millions or billions, what would it be about and why?

Zoe Bloom: Sprinkle kindness like it’s confetti! You never know what someone is going through so always be kind and be there for someone in the way you would want someone to be there for you. Life is too short to be petty and mean!

What advice would you give to someone that is about to get into the industry? What advice should they ignore?

Zoe Bloom: Be confident and always believe in yourself. Always ignore the haters and do what you gotta do for yourself. Nobody’s opinion will ever cut you a check. All your hard work will pay off, and you’re capable of achieving big things.

Adult Film Star Zoe Bloom

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Zoe Bloom: People can expect to see something a little different than what I usually do in the future! It’s very exciting, and they are going to love it, I’m sure.

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