Stifling: Monica Rose


At first glance, Monica Rose is beautiful and sensual. She lives life to the fullest and is setting the modeling industry ablaze with her confidence and ability to grab your attention like few women can. After learning more about her, you’ll discover that she’s incredibly humble, and is excited for what the future holds for her and her modeling career.

At what point in your life did modeling interest you?

Monica Rose: When I turned 18, I decided since I was an adult I can do everything and anything I’ve ever wanted to do! Modeling was one of the things on that list!

Did you draw inspiration from other models before you started out?

Monica Rose: I honestly didn’t have any inspirations, I kinda just went with it!


Do you remember your first photo shoot? If so, how did it go and how did you feel after doing it?

Monica Rose: I do remember. I had no idea what to do and wasn’t all that comfortable with myself in front of the camera. I remember thinking if that’s what I really wanted to pursue, so I didn’t shoot for a few months after until I became confident.

What do you wish people would understand more about models and the industry?

Monica Rose: I wish people would understand that models came in all shapes and sizes, we don’t have to all be thin and tall to be considered a model; we are all beautiful and unique! Also, you have to have thick skin, because you will come across haters and judgemental people so you just gotta continue doing your thing, and not let it affect you!

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To date, what are you the proudest of in your life and why?

Monica Rose: I’m super proud that I decided to take modeling more seriously because it granted me a lot of amazing opportunities!

In your opinion: how will social media play a role in the modeling industry in the future?

Monica Rose: Social media is becoming more of the “it” thing for everything. I honestly think it’s a good thing because it’ll showcase talent more!



Is there anything specific that you want to achieve in your modeling career within the next few years?

Monica Rose: No, I would not. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so every decision I’ve made brought me to where I am today. It’s not where I want to be 100% if I’m being totally honest, but I’ll keep working until I get there.


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Monica Rose: I will be featured in HotTropix calendars for 2019 so you can see me in there! For the time being, I’m gonna keep traveling doing shoots and hope for the best.

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