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She’s one of the most desirable and jaw-dropping women to ever appear in the adult entertainment industry. When Alexis Fawx decided to enter the industry in 2010, she shook up things and has made her mark as an exceptional performer and creative individual in the industry. If Alexis isn’t your favorite adult film star, she’ll soon take that spot once you get to know her more. What makes Alexis unique and stand out from the other women in the industry is that she has the “it” factor. You’ll never forget Alexis once you see her, and you’ll be wanting more and more. Alexis exudes professionalism and her personality is infectious. Learning more about Alexis has us admiring her even more.

What was going through your mind when you started your career in 2010?

Alexis Fawx: Well, I think that I was in a place of change, so I answered a Craiglist ad, and that’s how this all this started. I just simply said, “yes” versus thinking about it or the “what ifs?” or “this or that.” I just said, “yes” and I’ll figure it out along the way, and here I am today. It’s pretty cool being like one of the top Milfs, so it’s pretty fucking cool so far (laughs).



Did you set any specific goals that you wanted to accomplish in the industry when you started out?

Alexis Fawx: Well, considering that I just kind of fell into it, I didn’t have any pertinent goals. I was just like, “wow, what is this world that I entered into, and where could it take me?” You know, and I think goals are great along the way. I think that they keep you motivated and they keep you inspired, they keep you focused on there’s some type of endgames and little points along the way, it’s like positive reinforcement, but I think you should also constantly reevaluate those goals and see how you can expand on them further and further. So, my goal in the beginning, because the situation I was coming from was survival, and now that I’m surviving, it’s like, “ok, now I have this great brand, how can I expand it and make it even bigger and better?” In 2010, if you would’ve asked me, I would’ve laughed in your face and said, “what? no way!” For instance, I’m producing and hosting a live comedy show in LA. Never in my life, if you would’ve asked me in 2010 and said to me, “hey, do you see yourself hosting and producing a live show in LA?” I would’ve been like, “yeah, alright, cool. Like, whatever.” I’m gonna be launching my own coffee bean. All these things open up to you. So, as goals are an inspiration and ways as guides and focus, be constantly aware of what those things are and learning and expanding. Don’t put a ceiling on where you are. You’re much bigger than that.



What’s your determining factor (or factors) in deciding to appear in a scene/movie?

Alexis Fawx: You know, those change over time to be honest. Now I would have to say I’m more into the quality of the scene. Who am I working with? You know, what is the scene? What is the fantasy that we’re selling here? Do I want to be known for that? I think my tastes have been saying, “ok, how can I bring a mature woman that’s not always a mom into it?” You know what I mean? Those Milf roles fucking pay the check, right? (laughs) They’re great, but as a woman who’s not a mom, I like to be a hot woman, you know what I mean? I think men like to see women fuck, a hot woman fuck. It doesn’t have to be you know, this college kid. I like to fuck men. I like to fuck other women, you know what I mean? Now I like to look more towards what company, what director, who am I working with, what’s the content? There are just some people that I absolutely love working with (laughs) it’s gonna be fun and a pretty easy day, no matter how hard the scene may be, and it’s just a really overall good fucking time.

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I prefer working with talent that is 21 or over. I just do. I feel that there are those couple years in there that will help you develop sexually, and give you that experience. Maybe at 18, you fucked a lot of girls, but you haven’t fucked a woman yet. Most 18-year-olds have not fucked a woman, you know what I’m saying? I’m a woman, and I can be intimidating.




I think about all those things now where I didn’t think about those things in 2010, or I really didn’t think about those things in 2015. I think over time you develop your brand or you work on your craft, no matter what you do I think you’re going to start looking at quality and what is your legacy and what are you known for? I want to put out some hot fucking scenes. Not just for men to jerk off to, but I like to put out hot fucking scenes that couples can fuck to. I want to women on just as much as I turn men on, to be quite honest. Why not? Wouldn’t it be rad if your girlfriend or wife was like, “yeah babe, let’s watch this.” Then she fucking blows you and fucks you like wild. I think it’s hot. Those are my fantasies anyway (laughing).




You recently filmed something in a movie that you’ve never shown before. Can you share what that was?

Alexis Fawx: I finally put out my anal showcase, which is really exciting. It just felt like the right time. Like, let’s do this. So, I tried my first anal and my first DP. That’s pretty cool, right?




In 2017, you were recognized by XBIZ and AVN for your performance in the ‘Preacher’s Daughter,’ and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. What’s it like getting recognition for your work?

Alexis Fawx: I think it’s great, and I’m always super happy to be nominated. It just feels great. I mean, out of hundreds and hundreds of girls, you made the top ten. Fuck yeah! In my mind, you’re a fucking winner. That’s great, you know what I mean? I’m super honored, and I’m always just so happy, and super grateful and thankful for really everything that’s come into my life.



What is your favorite scene that you’ve been in and why is it your favorite?

Alexis Fawx: I really don’t have one particular favorite scene. I think now my favorite scene that I put out most recently would be my showcase, and my performance in ‘Fantasy Factory.’ I’ve had a lot of fun scenes. The one with Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille was awesome for Sweetheart Video. There are so many and so many different things that are out there.



You’re known to be a creative person. Were you always like that or was it something that developed over time for you?

Alexis Fawx: I’ve always been a creative person. It’s just that I’m showing it more. I’m a very private person. I just now started getting the courage to share some of it. I feel like there’s a story in me that needs to be written. I consider myself more of an artist than anything.






What do you want people to understand better about you and the industry?

Alexis Fawx: I think what would be really great is that if people just understand that we’re a business. We work hard to make our livelihood, so it’s not cool for people to download our stuff for free or ask for free shit. We work hard. There are some days where I’m spending ten hours doing business, social media, emails, calls, and stuff like that. It’s a lot of work that we put into it, so appreciate us. Understand that we’re entertainers just like a mainstream actress, that we’re just like entertainers like a rockstar, or a rapper or whatever you look up to. So, treat us as that, and have that respect for us. Appreciate our work. Show us that you appreciate it. That’s one thing and also know that we are also intelligent people. This wasn’t always the last resort for people. So treat us as intelligent people. It’s so funny, it’s like a backhanded compliment that people don’t realize that they give. I’m educated. I can articulate things well, and I’m creative and so on and so forth. People find that out and then they’re like, “Oh, I would’ve never imagined a person like you could’ve thought that.” What do you mean a person like me? A person with a job or a pornographer? Or pornstar? I hate that word (pornstar), but that’s what fans call us or whatever. I’m an adult model and an actress, whatever. Whatever they say, it’s just like you realize that’s a shitty compliment, right? (laughs) because you’re judging me more on my career choice than who I am or my character.

I know so many people in this industry that are heartfelt givers. They’re doing charity work, they’re doing volunteer work, and you just don’t fucking care about it. Because as one, it’s not going under their work name, it’s probably going under their real name. For instance, I cannot volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, because when they do the checks, they see I do adult work, and oh my god! I’m a horrible person, even though I’m legal, I pay taxes, and I can actually add value to something because I have the fucking time where other people don’t. You know what I mean? (laughs). You tell me how many lawyers have spent a month in Peru giving physical therapy to children from ages 0-15, who probably won’t make it past the age of six. You do that. You show me that. Then you come to talk to me and tell me that I’m a horrible person. I look at my brand now and I’m coming out with different products, and I’m more mainstreaming. I’m like, “ok, how do I get women to like me?” Honestly. How do I get other women to like me? Because they either see the big tits come in or they know what I do, and they’re like, “whoah!” (laughing).




What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Alexis Fawx: I think they’re gonna be expecting me to expand as a performer, more amazing quality scenes, and sexy, and you know, enjoying my womanhood.

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