Fierce: Naomi

Suicide Girl Naomi

She has a stare that can instantly put you into a trance and make you forget about everything else. Naomi is a woman that has it all: beauty, confidence, and intelligence. Aside from being a student, Naomi has been building upon her modeling career and is also a part of the coveted brand Suicide Girls. What sets Naomi apart from other models is her connection to her fans. Naomi is always connecting with fans on her Instagram and Twitter. She has an outgoing personality, and she’s not shy in any sense. We have a feeling that you might have a new dream girl after getting to know Naomi more.

At what point in your life did modeling interest you?

Naomi: I’ve always been interested in modeling from a little girl, I started doing runways when I was ten.

When you first began modeling, was it difficult or was it a smooth transition?

Naomi: It was very difficult, mostly just finding serious companies and people.

Naomi 1

What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

Naomi: I love seeing myself in the photo and seeing it as if it’s a different person, I enjoy seeing what I’m capable of.


Naomi 10

Is there anything that you’ve been surprised by and/or caught off-guard in your modeling career?

Naomi: I was very surprised by the huge importance of followers rather than the beauty of a person and their capabilities.

You can clearly see in your photos that you’re confident and that you’re not shy about showing off your body. Were you always confident or was that something that developed over time?

Naomi: I developed my confidence over time. I was always smaller and a late bloomer. I was made fun of all the way up until high school, and it always made me ashamed of my body.

Naomi 8

You’re also a Suicide Girl. How did that come about for you and how does it feel it be a part of such an established brand?

Naomi: I had one of the staff photographers, Kasha, reach out to me and tell me to try it. It’s very exciting, the community is so sweet and fun.

What are some companies/publications that you haven’t worked with yet but would like to?

Naomi: Maxim, Ford, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy.

Naomi 12

What sets you apart and stand out from other models?

Naomi: I’m authentic, I’m all natural and plan to keep it that way: in addition, I know my body very well, and I know the importance of shapes and motions when it comes to photographing.

Naomi 13

Naomi 14

How do you stay motivated and driven in your life and your modeling career?

Naomi: My past. I want to make a great example of coming out on top regardless of my childhood.

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What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Naomi: More amazing photos and hopefully in magazines and billboards, maybe even on TV.

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