Wondrous: Lacey

Model Lacey

If you looked up the definition of strength in the dictionary, you might just find Lacey’s photo next to it. Lacey is not your typical model. She’s honest and straight to the point. In a world filled with negativity and hate, Lacey is a shining star with her bubbling personality and jaw-dropping looks. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a model that embodies so many quality traits in the industry.

How did you get interested in modeling?

Lacey: When I was 12, my mom decided to enroll me in modeling and acting school/agency. They would provide us with bookings and teach us what we needed to know to be successful. I wasn’t very good at acting.

When you started to model, were you nervous, excited, etc.?

Lacey: I was very nervous because I was not so pretty when I was younger (actually that’s putting it nicely). I was an ugly duckling. I was nervous if I would fit in and do well.

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How have you evolved as a person/model in recent years?

Lacey: Hmm, as a person and model you go through things in life that shape and change you. I feel like some of the things I went through in life has made me evolve to the kind-hearted, outgoing and just real person I am. I see modeling change a lot of women for the negative, but as for me, I feel like it’s such a blessing to see where I was when I was younger to how much I was able to succeed in modeling. I guess it just makes me feel very honored that so many people believe in my beauty when I didn’t.

In your modeling career, have you ever been rejected? If so, how did you handle that?

Lacey: In life, in general, there are many rejections, it’s a part of life. That’s how I look at rejections. Not everyone is going to be everyone’s cup of tea with modeling and dating. I have tattoos, and some photographers don’t like shooting tattoos. Others do not like curvy women. It’s all in what photographers, agencies, or anyone are searching for. As you get older, you start to understand these things.

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The modeling industry has changed dramatically over the years. There’s been criticism about the term “model” that gets thrown around a lot by women on social media. What’s your opinion on that, and do you think women can become a successful model on social media?

Lacey: I would say yes and no. Social media is such a huge benefit to modeling, but it also can portray the fake and has brought a wave of fake models and photographers. There are a lot of women who will be in search of people to take sexy photos for them, but I feel like the industry is so brought down now because of it. These women will do nude free and lingerie, which now has caused difficulty in finding a photographer who believes in experience and skills. It’s like construction: would you rather have an experienced worker or someone who will work for peanuts. It all depends on the person. Of course, I do a lot of trade work but when a photographer is shooting me and says, “take this off and that,” it bothers me because they expect something for nothing.

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What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Lacey: Honestly, what motivates me to get out of bed is the people I’m surrounded by in my life. Just knowing that if I work hard to accomplish what I need to, I get to enjoy life with these people, experience things with them and have the means to enjoy ourselves. My ultimate goal is to have a family and be able to provide what I never was able to have because my mom had nine kids, and was single.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

Lacey: Hmm, I guess I would say my outlook on life. Before I used to stress about everything and worry. I felt like I had no control over my life. Now I just work hard and let things come and go. I know I don’t need to stress about anything because someone has got me in the end, things will always work out even if it takes hard times at first. I have learned there is a reward at the end of every battle.

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What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

Lacey: I would speak about domestic violence. Just about two years ago, I got out of a very abusive relationship. I was with this man for six years, and only the last year he started beating me and the last time he almost killed me. Since then, I’ve been a voice for many women, especially through my modeling fans, which is such an awesome feeling. I hear their stories and see them turning bad into good with their newfound voice. It’s amazing to know I had such an impact to them that they decide to speak to others as well because it’s hard to talk about what’s happened to you.

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To date, what has been the most memorable moment in your modeling career?

Lacey: That’s hard because everything is memorable and such a blessing, but I guess my most memorable moment would be when I was told we were shooting up the mountain, and it didn’t dawn on me we would be going up to the highest elevation. I did this shoot in lingerie with no sweater or pants or nothing. I was freezing cold and the whole way down the mountain I was in pain. All in all, the pictures came out amazing, and it was definitely worth it.

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Is there anything that you regret or that you would do differently in your modeling career?

Lacey: I wouldn’t say I regret anything, but there are some people I wouldn’t have let in my life from modeling. There are also some shady photographers I would have definitely tried to stay clear of if I had a do-over.

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What can people expect to see from you in the future, and any last parting words?

Lacey: I guess my fans and followers are going to have to wait and see. Their support has always been amazing, so I expect some great experiences to share and amazing work to create for them.

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