Shock Wave: Tana Lea

Adult Film Star Tana Lea

She’s lighting in a bottle and has become one of the sought after adult film stars in the industry. Tana Lea knows what she wants, and she does things her own way. Since entering the industry, Tana Lea has quickly gained the attention of performers and companies alike. Known for her charisma and unique look, Tana has been recognized by the industry by being nominated (2019 AVN Best New Starlet and 2019 XBIZ Best New Starlet) and has continuously put out great content. Aside from being a top performer in the industry, Tana is also a social media expert, and she connects with her fans often and gives them insight into her career. There will never be a woman quite like Tana Lea, and that’s what makes her so special to behold. 

How did you get interested in the adult entertainment industry?

Tana Lea: Um, I was already selling my own sex tapes and stuff before I was in like the professional side I guess of it. I like had my own website, and I had premium Snapchat since like 2014, so it was something that I was already doing, and I just figured to kind of like use the companies and brands with millions of followers who did not know who I was to build my brand. 

When you started your career in the industry were you accepted right away or did you have to prove your worth? 

Tana Lea: I honestly really don’t care what anyone fucking thinks of me ever so if they don’t like me I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna go find someone else that likes me, but everyone is really nice. I would say the adult industry is probably the most kind non-judgemental people that you would meet for the most part. 

Did you receive any guidance or help early on in your career or did you just figure everything out on your own?

Tana Lea: Well, I already kind of had an advantage because I was really good at social media before I joined the adult industry. I was already kind of Snapchat famous, and I had like a lot of followers on Instagram, so I knew the marketing aspect of it and everything. I would just ask girls little things like, ‘what do you douche with?’ or things like that but like as far as brand building and things like that no one really gave me advice, so I try to give girls advice now because a lot of girls don’t know as far as marketing and branding unless they have a really good agent or pr or someone to help them they’re really kind of clueless. 

Are there any particular goals that you want to accomplish in your career?

Tana Lea: Well, I just want to build my brand so that other girls can work for me and do the things that I do but just tell them to do it and make money off of them. So that I can continue to do what I do now which is basically I just live my life and Snapchat and do whatever the fuck I want when I want, which is kind of awesome but I just want to build it on another big level to where if I do wake up one day and say, ‘I don’t want to fucking Snapchat. I don’t have to worry about if I’m going to lose followers because I’m gonna have other twelve Snapchats or twelve other things that girls are doing for me, so I don’t have to do them. 

You’ve been nominated for awards recognized for your work. What does that mean to you and how does it feel to be noticed by the industry and your fellow peers?

Tana Lea: It’s really cool because sometimes at first when you start people say things like you know, “Oh, you have tattoos? Oh, you’re already 30? Oh, you’re not a teen or a milf?” and things like that, and people don’t want to book you because of certain looks and I get it it’s whatever but like for people to still recognize me for me finally being like, “I don’t give a fuck if you like the way I look or not.” Book me to be a milf or book me to be whatever or as myself, I really don’t care. It’s nice because other people see that you can still be that person and stick up for yourself and just be you and people will still recognize that. You don’t have to conform to anyone and that’s basically what I live and breathe. I’m only myself and if someone doesn’t like that then guess what? There’s millions of other bitches you can go follow. Go follow them I don’t give a shit. 

What does it feel like to be an adult film star and getting to work with top tier performers and companies?

Tana Lea: It’s really cool. Honestly, though I wish we had even more hot dudes because I feel like I’ve already banged them all. Before porn, I didn’t really know or watch porn. The only person I heard of is James Deen. Now James Deen is my homie, and he fucks my butt, and it’s like cool you know? It’s like a cool thing because it’s like all these thousands and millions of people in the world know these performers and these are the people that I have sex with. So it’s like when all these regular ass dudes or girls want to call me a slut or all this shit. I’m like, “first of all, I’m having sex with people that you will never touch. Second of all, I’m getting paid for it so go fuck yourself.”

You’re very active on social media and connect with fans on a daily basis. How important is social media to you and your career, and what are the benefits and downfalls of using it?

Tana Lea: Social media is my fulltime job. It always has been because if you don’t treat social media like a fulltime job then you’re not gonna get any benefits from it, and you have to be patient because it’s not gonna come automatically, but I’ve been building my brand and social media since 2014, and it pays off, and it’s really nice because then you can make money off your social media by literally sitting on your fucking ass half the day and then doing Snapchat for fifteen minutes and that’s about it. It has its downfalls because you’re always fucking on your phone, and I get pissed off at people too. If I’m out at a restaurant with friends, I’m not gonna be on my phone even though I still have to post and do things, and hate when people are like, “get off your phone,” and I’m like, “I’m fucking working shut the fuck up.” It’s a little time consuming, but if you learn how to manage your shit correctly, then it’s not. Like I wake up in the morning at ten and do social media while I’m still laying in bed and getting cuddled by some random-ass dude. But then after ten o’clock I get up and do my makeup and start my fucking daily routines and get back on social media. It’s like a constant thing, but you can manage it. Also, I have a team that’s now helping me with my emails and shit like that. That’s a whole another aspect of just building your shit. 

What do you wish people would understand better about you and the industry?

Tana Lea: I think people pretty much get it that I don’t give a fuck. I’m just here to live my life and like that’s all I’m doing. I’m literally living my life and filming it, and I get to have sex professionally. I don’t like to get involved with the drama. A lot of girls in the industry, I’ll have sex with their dude on Snapchat, and they get real upset, and they get in their feelings. When in reality I’m like, “bitch, I don’t want your man. I don’t want a dude with a dude.” I’m greedy as fuck. I like to have fifteen boyfriends, and they all just date me. They can date someone on the low, but I don’t need to know about it. One thing I would want all these people in the industry to know: I don’t want your man. I have plenty of other dudes that I would love to hang out with, and not your married-ass dude or your boyfriend or whatever. There’s a lot of insecure shit like that in the industry. Don’t get your spouse in porn if you don’t want them to have sex with other people because newsflash, that’s what’s gonna happen. 

To date, what’s been the most memorable moment in your career?

Tana Lea: I don’t know. All of it. Honestly, the stuff that I like the most is getting recognized. It’s like in public when fans say shit to me or when people send me messages that say,” I’m inspiring” or that I motivate them. That’s the shit that I like. Nothing else really matters. The money is cool. Like I used this year I had to put my sister in rehab, and I had ninety days to pay $55,000 and used my porn and Snapchat to do that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do that otherwise. I like being recognized like a real person who people fucking like to fuck with. That’s what I like. 

What sets you apart from other performers in the industry and how do you plan on being successful long-term in the industry?

Tana Lea: I don’t look like anyone else. I don’t act like anyone else. I don’t talk like anyone else, and I don’t really fuck like anyone else either. I’m just kind of me so. You have girls like Reily Reid, and like girls that there’s not really another girl like, and people love Reiley Reid because she’s herself and that’s a really good example, and that’s someone that I kind of look up to. Her and Bonnie Rotten. There’s no other Bonnie Rotten. There’s not girls that look like Bonnie Rotten. They’re super intelligent. They do their own shit. They really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. They’re just living their life. That’s the same kind of thing. As far as longevity I might die next week in a car accident or the zombie apocalypse, so I really don’t like long-term shit anymore. I used to be married, and have like the five-year plan. Like I still have a life insurance policy for my papa. Other than that I just want to live day to day, live each day and be kind to people, have fun, make money, have sex, smoke weed, and eat food. Those are my goals. I really don’t have anything long-term. I would like to build my brand so that I can travel and literally just make money off of other girls. Living their life as well. I’m having fun and done a lot of shit that no one in their life will do. 

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Tana Lea: I have a lot of new movies that I’m dropping. I write and direct my own stuff, so the episodes of my series that I’m doing is coming out exclusively on Pornhub. They’re gonna be promoting it, and it’s gonna be on their channel. They’re gonna have a red carpet premiere for that, and then also I’m in the talks right now to have my own dating show on Pornhub. It’s gonna be like a Tila Tequila type thing, but these people are gonna have to get tested and perform on my Snapchat, POV, some Pornhub stuff. It’s gonna be like a thing. It’s literally like Tila Tequila but on Pornhub. 

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