Jaunty: Christiana Cinn

Adult Film Star Christiana Cinn

She’s flawless in every way imaginable. Christiana Cinn has turned the adult entertainment industry upside down with her bubbly personality and her drop dead gorgeous looks. Christiana started her career with Playboy doing glamour modeling, appearing in several pictorials and videos. Penthouse named Christiana “Penthouse Pet of the Month” in January 2016, and then later was the runner up for Penthouse Pet of the Year 2017.

Christiana then ventured into the adult entertainment industry, and has worked with top companies such as: Evil Angel, Jules Jordan, Hustler, Wicked Pictures, and Brazzers. Also, Christiana travels the country where she headlines in gentlemen clubs with her feature dancing.

Aside from performing in the industry, Christiana has appeared in Sons of Anarchy, and she also performs in a band called Hot Sauce Holiday. Christiana has made her mark in the industry and with her infectious personality, there is nothing that will stop her from achieving her dreams and goals.

How did you get interested in glamour modeling?

Christiana Cinn: I’ve always had an interest for it. It’s always excited me, made me feel inspired, and made me feel like I wanted to do it. I’ve always liked it ever since I was very young, and I just always wanted to be a part of it.

What was it like to work with iconic brands such as Playboy and Penthouse?

Christiana Cinn: The first one was Playboy. It was just so exciting, and they flew me to LA and I did a shoot and I kept forgetting to breathe because I was so excited and couldn’t believe it was happening. Everything was just so exciting. It was a professional set surrounded by people who’ve accomplished so many things, and were so great at their job. It was so amazing, surreal, and an incredible experience. Working for Penthouse, it was even like a little bit of a bigger production and it was the same wave of excitement. Except for this time I was being featured in a bigger pictorial/layout, and I actually was the centerfold and got the cover, and they carried me for an entire year of having a natural high. It was such an incredible feeling.

When did you turn your attention to the adult entertainment industry, and why did you decide to get into the industry?

Christiana Cinn: I felt like I was ready to do it in my career choice. I felt like it was a good move for me, and I was ready for it. I was already webcamming, and I had danced. I was really ready and able to already do it. So it was very natural and easy transition. It was a great opportunity for me and it’s not for everyone. I don’t recommend that career for everyone. You have to be a position in your life where you’re not answering to anybody and you’re not depending on anyone, and you kind of almost have to be like around a lot of support, and also have a backup plan in case things don’t work out. You don’t want to have a career where that’s gonna come back and affect you. You have to think about your future.

During the beginning stage of your career, was it what you expected it to be or was it different in any way?

Christiana Cinn: I didn’t really have any type of expectations. I feel like I know the industry pretty well but I’m learning every single day. I learn something new about the industry all the time. Sometimes I might think I have an understanding about something but then I’ll learn something new. I’m always learning from my industry. I’m also learning how to apply the skills that I had before on my industry: confidence, sales, being true to your word, having good relationships. Even if things fall apart, still having good rapport with people that you’ve worked with, and personal hygiene is really important in this industry, which I already had that. You kind of think like every scene is like a first date. You want to make sure that you’re really toned and groomed, and having a pleasant experience with who you’re working with, as well as the people around you. For me, I guess I was a little bit shy in the beginning, but I’ve definitely become more and more comfortable as time in my career has progressed.

What is it like to be one of the most sought after performers in the industry?

Christiana Cinn: I guess at the end of the day I still see myself as the person I always was, even before porn. I’m a woman now, which is weird to say (laughs). I still feel like the same person, and I guess how things have changed, not really the industry but just because I’m a woman and I like and accept certain treatments from men, as well as the people around me. I like being treated well and with respect. That’s how I treat the people around me but I guess growing into an adult, I’m less tolerant with someone who shows me any type of disrespect or tries to make me feel uncomfortable. I would never put up with that bullshit, and would never do that with someone that I’m interacting with, so I guess that’s how the industry has shifted things. Im less likely to entertain nonsense. I’m more about, “is your theme positive and do you have a good vibes? Or if you’re genuinely trying to help me or give me a genuine compliment?” Then I’m keen, but don’t think that you can ask me something personal like, “how much do you make a year? You look like you’ve gained weight.” Anything other than that, I’m just really not tolerant of that. I think it comes with maturing and growing into an adult.

You’ve worked with the biggest companies in the industry. What was your favorite company to work with and why?

Christiana Cinn: There’s a lot of companies that fall under the umbrella of high standards. I’m not saying this in any particular order but working with Jules Jordan, Greg Lansky, and those directors. I haven’t worked with Blacked but I would love to, and then there’s other companies like Evil Angel and Elegant Angel. They’re all such high standard, and then there’s also working with Sweet Sinner, being directed by Jackie Saint James. Each set is so different, and then working with Pure Taboo and Craven Morehead. There’s so many amazing directors and working with Porn Fidelity. There’s nobody that I can actually leave out because one challenges me to be the best and tap into the acting that I never knew that I had. Another one makes my fantasies come true to the fullest extent of each detail of my fantasy, and another one treats you like a goddess from head to toe for the entire day. They’re all so special and unique. There’s also companies that I worked with that I’ll never work with again, but for the most part my career has been nothing but amazing.

What are the top three scenes that you’ve done that stick out the most in your mind?

Christiana Cinn: The first one that comes to mind is being on Porn Fidelity’s Arcane one and two, directed by Andy Zane. The subject matter is so taboo and I guess wrong in a sense that certain things should not be happening but are, and that alone made it so much fun for me to act that I completely lost myself in this role and in this movie and doing these things that really shouldn’t be happening in front of your eyes but at the same time it’s hot and it’s so raw and explicit. I’m really proud of that work, and I really want everyone to see it. I feel like I acted my ass off, and I was really proud of every moment. Another scene that I’m really proud of that Pat Mind directed and was actually a fantasy of mine, was to be abducted by a really well-hung guy wearing a mask, and thrown into a van and driven to an undisclosed location, and fucked out of my mind in every hole. It was so much fun! He actually did that for me and wasn’t sure if I would be ok with it at first. He’s been asking me, and I told him that you have no idea how long that has been a fantasy of mine. I actually got to live it and the whole day I was in heaven. I was really happy about that, and I think it was one of my best scenes ever. It was really rough, and it was anal. I feel like it was a lot of womens fantasy too. Ramon Nomar was my male talent, and we just had so much fun, and god bless him for getting through it because the van was about 100 degrees, and he still pounded my ass like any normal day. I was just so proud of him.

Another one that I’m proud of is a five part series, which is actually available on my page. It was a content trade shoot, and the beginning starts out as a GG scene, and then Nathan Bronson comes in and I fuck him then Jake Adams comes in and I fuck him, and I’m literally getting fucked so hard for three hours. I’m squirting and it’s so intense and amazing. At the end all of them cum on me, and it’s amazing. It was so fun and sexually gratifying. It’s out now and you can find it on Pornhub. I watch it for my pleasure because I’m fucking so many of my friends; one after another and another. I remember being there that day, and it was so much fun. It was just so great.

Is there anything that you’ve disliked during your career or negative experiences that you had to endure?

Christiana Cinn: Yeah, I openly talk about it. I worked for a company in Vegas, and I’ve worked with them quite a few times, but just this one time they pushed me in a way that I felt I shouldn’t of even been. It was kind of like my safety was put at risk. I guess it wasn’t on camera what I had to go through. It was a scene where I was tied up, and being fucked with a fuck machine, which I was fine with and had agreed to it. They had to stop and adjust things and do other stuff and so when somebody is tied up in a bondage scene for one anybody that knows about bondage it takes a tremendous amount of skill set, it takes trust, it takes responsibility and knowledge. They had just kind of tied me up and I was explaining how uncomfortable I was and they had like tied me up for hours. I kept saying, “can I please go to the bathroom? Can you guys please untie me?” But they just kept getting up and leaving the room and coming back in. So I just pissed all over the floor because I couldn’t hold it anymore, and it wasn’t part of the scene, cameras weren’t even on (that I know of) and it was a sucky experience because nobody there was like on my side and they kept leaving the room. I talked to people who were worked for Kink.com and professional fetish companies and they were like, “that’s not ok. If someone is tied, nobody should ever leave the room for any reason ever.” So, I just think it’s the company that’s just inexperienced and they didn’t know what they were doing, and they were not concerned about my comfort or safety. That was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had. Out of almost four years, that is the one that really stands out in my head. That was the most negative one that I’ve gone through.

How have you been able to consistently deliver great content and maintain popularity throughout the course of your career?

Christiana Cinn: I love my job. I love what I’m doing. There’s never one day where like, ‘today’s gonna suck or be awful.’ I’m always excited to be on set, go to work, and who I’m gonna be around, and do the damn thing (laughs). I’m really grateful and really happy. I’m just happy to be there, lucky to be there, and excited to be there.

Is there anything that you would change or do differently looking back on your career?

Christiana Cinn: Well, my career is not over yet (laughs). I guess looking at it , honestly I’m ready to do anything and I’m ready for anything. Since I don’t have an agent and I’m self represented, it’s a bit harder for me to make that known because I feel that’s where an agent could help me. For example: people always told me to wait for IR’s, but I’m like, ‘what am I waiting for?’ Honestly, I want to fuck black guys, and I want to do the scenes. I just think nobody knows that I want to do it or I’m down for it. So one day I show up to set and the male talent is a black guy, and I’m like, “hey, cool, we’re doing my IR!” and they’re like, “wait, are you serious?” and I was like, “yeah! I can’t wait! Let’s go for it!” I couldn’t wait and I was so excited. I was already ready years ago. It really is go at your own pace and when you want to do it. It really depends and if you’re really ready and you want to do it, you’re gonna be awesome at it and love the experience. It’s really up to the individual to decide what and when.

Who’s had the most positive impact in your career?

Christiana Cinn: Honestly, I would have to say Star Factory PR. Just because they genuinely want each of their clients (including me) to be successful. They’ve never witheld any type of answer from me whenever I ask a question. They done so much for me and also Gary Miller from AVN has done a lot for me. For giving me the opportunity, and reaching out to me and believing in me to do the red carpet correspondent for AVN two years ago, and then just seeing so much potential in me, probably when I felt like nobody was looking at me, and he was. That’s had such a huge, positive impact on my career. I’m just forever grateful for that friendship and bond, and that professional relationship. Two groups of people that I can definitely say that have had a positive impact on me.

What sets you apart from the other women in the industry?

Christiana Cinn: I’m genuine. I’m genuinely excited and happy to be there. I’m really a filthy pervert in my mind when it comes to that stuff and nothing else is on my mind or focus than the job in front of me and also I go above and beyond to give a thousand percent. On top of that, I implant myself probably more than necessary to whatever company or whatever role or magazine and I go at it with a thousand percent enthusiasm. I really don’t think that sets me apart from every single person in my industry but I do think that it has given me an edge, and has gotten me this far.

You’re also a feature dancer, and have headlined gentlemens clubs all across the country. How did that all come about for you?

Christiana Cinn: I love entertaining and I love being on stage, so feature dancing was a really exciting, natural opportunity for me that came up right after I had a cover for Penthouse. My feature performances have really influenced my other performances. I’m completely pyscho on stage. I’m really crazy. I shoved a candle up my ass and one in my pussy and lit them and sparks went everywhere. It was amazing, and I’m just like really out of my mind on stage so much for entertainment, and also for my own fun. All to give a good show because for me, entertainment is what brings me so much joy. I feel like I was born to entertain people, and have fun. My shows are a really good time and I’ve put a lot into my costumes and my presence on stage. I work really hard at that tirelessly.

And you also perform with your band (Hot Sauce Holiday). How did you get interested in music, and how do you manage being multi-talented in so many different things?

Christiana Cinn: I have to admit that I spread myself very thin so I really don’t have much time for a personal life. What they don’t really tell you is that the entertainment industry can be lonely at times, and you have to kind of choose what you want to focus on. Do you want a relationship? Do you want to have a new friendship? Or do you need to focus on this thing? I do spread myself very thin. I don’t get very much sleep, and I travel a lot but I’ve come accustomed to the road life and living out of a suitcase and sleeping on the plane, then riding down to los angeles, going home and showering and then arriving on set. I’m used to the schedule and I don’t think everybody can do it. Some people are like, “I’ve traveled with you for one day and I don’t even see how you’re doing it.” But for me, I think it’s the excitement and adrenaline that drives me, so that’s how I’m able to do it. Do I have time for dates and all that other stuff? Not really (laughs). I do manage to have friends that I’m still close with. I’m gonna be a bridesmaid two times this summer, so I do manage to keep the small circle of friends that I have very close and still tight with me and that also takes an effort too, but it’s an effort that’s worth it.

Of all the things that you’ve done, what are you the proudest of in your life?

Christiana Cinn: Recently, was definitely being on Showtime doing the involvement for the AVN shows for this year and last year, as well as the GayVN, which will be aired separately. My four covers that I’ve had for Penthouse. I’m very proud and I will show my grandchildren, I don’t care. I’m very proud of that. That’s something that I’ll always be proud of. All of the countless films that I’ve done that have gotten me the notice and opportunity to do this, and also my feature shows. Those are something that I’ll always be proud of that I’ve accomplished so far.

How do you balance your personal life and your career?

Christiana Cinn: I have to say first of all, don’t hire your close friends because you have to keep that seperated, but nobody tells when you first start gaining momentum that people who are your friends before and knew you before you had anything may get jealous and envious and nobody tells you that and prepares you for that. So anybody reading this I just want to prepare everyone that’s why they say don’t employ your close friends, especially the ones that knew you before because some of that might have hidden jealousies and some people can’t handle seeing you successful. I learned that the hard way. The way that I balance it for now is dedicating time to be a bridesmaid to two of my girlfriends that are getting married this year. Keeping your circle of friends humble is relatively important. In terms of a boyfriend or a man/partner, this guy kind of has to see me from afar or maybe up close and really, really work hard to get into my eyesight. A guy has to put in a lot of work because I’m not out there looking for him because I’m really busy. It depends how bad you want the star.

When you decide to retire from the adult entertainment industry, what do you want people to remember about you?

Christiana Cinn: I want people to look at me with a good respect. Look at me like, “wow, she was professional, always looked good, always did a great job. She accomplished so much and so many great things in this industry and outside this industry.” I know sometimes I play dumb, but I’m very intelligent and I think that some people are picking up on that. I’m smarter than I look and act. I do know what’s going on.

Do you have any goals that you’re currently trying to accomplish?

Christiana Cinn: I’m really trying to build a brand and a name that could carry me not only as an adult performer and everything that I’ve done to perform but I also want to be someone known as a woman that people can go to for sex advice and sex expertise. Everything from travel and style I’m really into travel and I’m into going to amazing places and fashion. All those things greatly affect my life even as a pornstar so I would want people to look to me to see what city I’m going to and where I’m going and what I wear because pornstars are really exposed to a lot of amazing things and I think that we’re the ones to watch for travel and style because of our busy lives, and I can easily relate to another pornstar as I can to a businesswoman that is traveling to Ohio on business, whose in her thirties and wants to look hot but still sexy and respectable and doesn’t know how to dress for cold weather. I think I can relate to her because I’m a businesswoman too. That’s kind of what I want to bring more to the surface.

If someone were to ask you for advice on how to be successful in life, what would you say to them?

Christiana Cinn: Never take advice from somebody who’s not doing better than you. That’s number one. Taking advice from somebody who’s not in the same level of success and not accomplished what you have. It’s impossible to level up if you’re taking advice from somebody who hasn’t accomplished more than you. Take advice from somebody that has accomplished more than you have because they’re gonna give you valuable advice coming from a place of knowledge and experience and expertise. You want to level up and not level down. You don’t want to listen to somebody because you think they’re being a good friend. Really take advice from somebody whose levels above you and has accomplished more than you have. That’s an honest way to be successful.

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Christiana Cinn: Award nominations, more of me in the media, more merchandise, more of my sex life, more of my direction, more of me on Pornhub, more of me on Xvideos, more of me on everything. Even more of me as a celebrity.

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