Jenny Marie: Come-Hither

Jenny Marie Playboy Model
Jenny Marie Playboy Model

What makes someone stand out in your mind and obsess over? If you thought of Jenny Marie, you would be right. Since Jenny Marie has set foot in the modeling world, she’s been steadily rising up and becoming a well-known figure in the industry. Jenny is easily one of the most beautiful women that you’ve ever laid your eyes on. She’s determined and passionate about working hard and making a name for herself. Having worked with the top glamour photographers in the world, as well as appearing in Playboy and Maxim magazines, Jenny Marie is here to stay and her personal quote that she lives by says it all: “Always follow your dreams, because one day they may become your reality.”

How did modeling pique your interest?

Jenny Marie: I started modeling when I was four years old and enjoyed being in front of the camera. It became my favorite form of self-expression.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

When you started to model, did you have a specific plan in mind or were you more spontaneous?

Jenny Marie: I’ve always had the goal to be in Playboy magazine and I was actually published in it a couple years ago. I’ve always thought the women were beautiful and I admired them for being so comfortable in their own skin.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

If you don’t have a photo shoot lined up for the day, what does a day look like for you?

Jenny Marie: I get up around 8 am and go to the gym. After that, I’ll run errands, edit videos, clean my house and hang out with my animals and friends and family.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

What do you like/dislike about the modeling industry?

Jenny Marie: I like that I get to express myself and travel to such cool locations. I dislike the people who try to take advantage of women in this industry.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

Maxim. What’s it feel like to be a part of powerhouse companies and getting to shoot with them?

Jenny Marie: It’s the best feeling to achieve a goal I’ve been working towards. I hope to work with them again in the future.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

Your Instagram account is incredibly impressive. How has social media played a role in your career and how useful is it for you?

Jenny Marie: It plays a huge part in my career. I’m so grateful for everyone that supports me on my social media channels.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

Is there anything that you haven’t accomplished yet but would like to?

Jenny Marie: I would love to be published in Hustler. I also want to travel to more countries and work with photographers all over the world.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

Jenny Marie: Probably that I fall into the typical “model” portfolio. A lot of people seem to think we’re all stuck up and rude which is very untrue. A lot of people also think that since I’m a model I look glam every night, go out and party all the time. I work very hard and there is a ton of daily behind the scenes planning that people don’t see that goes into being successful in modeling and has allowed me to achieve the goals I have already.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

If you had the opportunity to get a message out to millions (or possibly billions) what would your message be about and why?

Jenny Marie: Go for it! Work hard for what you have, stay true to yourself and always believe in yourself. Fear of failure is the number one reason people don’t achieve their goals and dreams.

Jenny Marie Playboy Model

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Jenny Marie: I will be a lot more present on YouTube in the near future, traveling to more exotic locations, releasing a ton of new content and becoming a wife and mother in the next five years.

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