Ravishing: Jessica Franco

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There are so many beautiful women that get your attention on social media daily, but there’s a woman that has that little extra something. When you stumble upon Jessica’s Instagram page, you’re immediately blown away by her incredible looks. What you’ll learn about her is that she has one of the best personalities that a model can have. Not only does Jessica get your attention with her look, but her personality will win you over. We can’t wait to see what this Mexican beauty does next.

How did you get interested in modeling?

Jessica: I honestly wasn’t ever into modeling. It didn’t even cross my mind that I could even be a model or any type of public figure. But years back I was approached while shopping and asked if I’d be interested in modeling a clothing line. Of course, I said yes after seeing a fancy business card and offered cash up front, lol!! That’s what got me interested in how far I can take it.

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When did it become a realization for you that you could make a modeling career for yourself?

Jessica: It became a realization after seeing how damn good I was at it and how natural it came to me. 

When you began to model, what was the most challenging thing for you?

Jessica: All the TFP work I had to do. When first starting out you kinda really have no choice but to do all collaborations with all parties involved to build a portfolio and or an online portfolio. Doing things for free all the time was a challenge for me to keep going. But I just kept at it. Because deep down I enjoyed it and knew one day this would take me somewhere. Though it isn’t a promising career, I still have faith. 

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Were you inspired by anyone in the modeling industry?

Jessica: I wasn’t inspired by anyone in particular. But models and anyone in my industry who started at the bottom and succeeded without changing who they really are. Those people are inspiring and I have the most respect for.

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Describe what a typical day is like for you?

Jessica: Besides practicing my dancing, fire spinning, and my music. A typical day for Goddess Franco is pretty boring, lol. Besides working part-time, it comes down to my modeling. So networking, networking… networking. Catching up on emails, scheduling photo shoots, coming up with bigger and better projects then I’ve had before and so on. 

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Jessica: I have a lot of hobbies actually. I am a musician, a belly dancer, sword dancer, spin fire, craft, and paint. Just to name a few things haha. My interest is getting better at modeling and my hobbies. But most importantly, I am interested in becoming a better person than I was yesterday.

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What makes you stand out from other models?

Jessica: I’d have to say besides my height and big booty, it would have to be my personality. Everyone is always surprised when they meet me in person. By seeing who I really am and not the image I’ve created. Let’s just say I’m not your average model. I am a lovely rare breed in general.

Do you have specific goals that you want to accomplish?

Jessica: Yes, I do. I’d like to make a living off of my modeling, travel, get into more editorial work, and high fashion.

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You have an impressive social media presence and consistently put out great content. How do you manage to do that, and what motivates you to do so?

Jessica: Thank you so kindly. I set schedules for myself throughout the week and work with the best to always create new content. How I manage I don’t know how, haha. Lots of things motivate me, but most of all, it would have to be my fans. Their unconditional love and support I get are so encouraging. It keeps me going!!

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