Vigorous: Ashley Young

She’s confident, strong, and incredibly stunning. Ashley Young is one model that will intrigue you and leave you wanting more. Ashley has quickly made her mark in the modeling industry and is also a Playboy Playmate. It’s just the beginning for Ashley and with her beautiful personality (and looks) there’s no limit on what she can and will achieve.

How did modeling spark your interest?

Ashley Young: I wanted to be a lawyer haha but always used to watch fashion TV and America’s next top model when I was younger. Always loved the creative aspect and as a competitive dancer, all of the posing looked like fun. 

Did you aspire or look up to anyone in the modeling industry?

Ashley Young: When I first started it was the greats such as Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima… now I tend to be inspired more by fitness models and competitors like Hattie Boydle, Ashley Kaltwasser, Anita Herbert.

 When you started to model what was the most challenging part that you had to endure?

Ashley Young: Being told no because of my height and because I was “too muscular”. I was a competitive gymnast/cheerleader so I had a fair amount of muscular development which was not the fashion model standard at the time. 

You’re also a Playboy Playmate. How does it feel not only to be a Playmate but to be a part of such an iconic publication?

Ashley Young: Getting the phone call from the PB team was surreal. I feel very honored and empowered as a petite athletically built model to have had the opportunity to join their family and to be part of such an incredible iconic legacy. 

What makes you unique and stand out from other models?

Ashley Young: I think my diversity and background as a competitive athlete sets me apart as well as my willingness to take on anything head on and really be apart of the creative process. I also don’t see the industry as a “competition” and love to help younger girls who are just starting out.

 You come off as a beautiful, strong woman who’s confident in her skin. What makes you feel confident, and were you always like that, or was it something that developed over time with you?

Ashley Young: First off THANK YOU! Secondly, no I was definitely not always confident. I was a very late bloomer haha I was however confident in my dance training and gymnastics so I used that to build my confidence and bring that to photoshoots. Since competing in bodybuilding and Crossfit I have a completely different outlook on life and focus more on what my body can do rather then what it looks like. I get confidence from the amazing support team at my gym as well as the everyday small victories that come with training.

The term “modeling” has vastly changed in recent years. What are your thoughts on modeling these days as opposed to modeling in past years?

Ashley Young: Modeling has and will always be about creating a fantasy. It can take something odd or “imperfect” and make it beautiful. I think today’s models are able to give the general public a bit more insight into how the fantasy is created in the industry and let us know that it is not as glamorous as it appears and is a bit more real about it through their social media platforms. 

Are there specific goals that you’ve set for yourself that you’re currently working towards achieving? 

Ashley Young: I am currently working towards stepping on stage for another bodybuilding competition next spring. And of course, a feature in Maxim magazine has always been a goal. 

If you could get a message out to millions or billions, what would it be about it and why?

Ashley Young: Be YOU! Take a step back from social media every once in a while and relax. Focus on your own health and mental well being as well as your own goals. No one is how they appear on their SM and no one is perfect. The closest you can get to perfection is fully embracing YOU. 

What can people expect to see from you in the future? 

Ashley Young: I’m definitely going to continue in the health and fitness direction! I have found my passion but am still in love with the industry and will take on any new and interesting opportunities that come my way. I just hope to continue to inspire women and men to pursue their own dreams in modeling, fitness or life in general. 

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