Prismatic: Chloe MacLeod

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

Actress, model, and three-time Playboy Playmate. Chloe MacLeod is a woman that transcends limits and boundaries. Whether it’s acting or modeling, Chloe stands out amongst the rest with her talent and unforgettable looks. You’ll be seeing a lot of more Chloe in the future and that’s something that we can all be excited about.

How did you get interested in acting/modeling? 

Chloe MacLeod: Honestly, it has always been a part of my life! I always loved movies and television as a child, me and my sister used to literally watch movies and write down the scripts and then act them out! I just remember watching these actresses and wanting to be them. 

What has been challenging and/or difficult for you in acting/modeling? 

Chloe MacLeod: Honestly, the entire industry is difficult, it’s hard work. It’s not as easy to be discovered as people think. It’s a lot of self-promotion, rejection, hard work, studying, practice… it really is a lifestyle. I also have a very specific look and voice so I’m not always as easily castable. But I truly do believe that your differences are what can really make you!

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

You’re also a part of the Playboy family. How did you feel when you were named a Playboy Playmate? 

Chloe MacLeod: I mean at the time I was so in love with the idea, it was a level of recognition and status I hadn’t reached yet and I knew it would be an amazing way to get my name out there. So no matter what it’s something I will always be grateful for and proud of! 

Do you feel being multi-talented gives you an edge and makes you stand out from others? 

Chloe MacLeod: I mean always! The more skills you have means the more versatile you can be. Whether it’s comedic timing, music, dance, whatever your special skills are, it definitely broadens your spectrum. I mean other than my bright red hair and abrasive personality haha, I think I have a lot of life experiences that not a lot of people have. I don’t always talk about everything I’ve experienced or gone through but I do know it helps with the variety of emotions I know how to feel. 

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

What excites/inspires you? 

Chloe MacLeod: I think that growing up how I did really motivated me to move past it and not be a product of my situations. Just being on set and acting and doing what I’ve worked so hard to be a part of. 

Do you have a wishlist of movies/TV shows that you want to be a part of? 

Chloe MacLeod: Oh my god! There is so many! I mean Euphoria is my top show now! I’d probably sell my soul to have a role in it haha! I mean obviously Riverdale, The Bold Type, Big Little Lies... the remake of The Craft or Cruel Intentions. Honestly, the list could go one forever!

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

How has social media impacted your acting/modeling career? Do you view it as being useful and what role do you think it will play in the future? 

Chloe MacLeod: I think it has definitely made me as a person lore available which when don’t eight can definitely work in your favor. For me, it has really allowed me to connect with a ton of people in and out of the industry I wouldn’t have been able to. I also think I’m very raw and real with it, which hopefully lets people see me as more than just a playmate. I mean it really will always help me stay connected with people like me, so as opposed to the characters I’ll play. 

In the next few years, what would you like to accomplish? 

Chloe MacLeod: I mean, I would love to work more and book bigger roles with bigger actors I can just learn from and be better all around. I’d love to get bigger opportunities and make a name for myself in a real way. I also wouldn’t mind my YouTube and possibly music taking me somewhere. 

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

Throughout your acting and modeling career, what’s been the most memorable moment that sticks out in your mind? 

Chloe MacLeod: Honestly, I think my time on Slasher really was a turning point. I’ve done so many things and they have all been amazing and I wouldn’t put them in a smaller category. But, for me, Slasher was my first actor role on a union set. The energy and the feeling of knowing your part of something like that is really exhilarating. 

Photo Credit: @thebeastlygenius

What can people expect to see from you in the future? 

Chloe MacLeod: Honestly I’m auditioning like crazy so hopefully a lot haha! I’ve booked a couple things I really can’t talk about at the moment. But I’m currently working on Martys: The Chronicles of Blood as Lilith. It’s a very dark role and I’m excited about that. I also am cast in Diner 27 with Chase Smith – Spirit World Productions, it’s in pre-production but it’s a super fun role! In the meantime, you can stay up to date with me on my YouTube channel.