Ebullient: Kenzie Taylor

There’s the only word to describe Kenzie Taylor: Extraordinary. Since coming into the industry in 2015, Kenzie Taylor has gained a reputation as being one of the top talents in the industry. She’s also a superhero, playing Captain Marvel XXX (directed by Axel Braun), one of the hottest releases in recent years. It’s easy to see why Kenzie has so many fans and is liked by her peers in the industry. The sky (or rather the galaxy) is the limit for this bombshell.

When you started your career, what was going through your mind, and were you excited, nervous, etc.?

Kenzie Taylor: When I first started in the adult industry, I was happy and a little nervous. I was happy because I would finally be able to do a job that I would enjoy. I was also happy because I would finally be able to be free, free to myself, without judgment. I am a sexual being that was never able to completely express myself.

Were you well received by other women in the industry early on in your career?

Kenzie Taylor: I was not received well by other women in the industry early on in my career. There were very few women that were kind to me. It’s something I will be open about to this day because I promise myself to never treat a new girl in the industry that way. I offer help or advice with open arms to anyone in the biz, especially other girls!

Did you have a specific plan in place as to what you wanted to do and accomplish in the industry, or has it just been spontaneous for you?

Kenzie Taylor: I’ve had many goals throughout my entire career and I can say that a lot of them have been accomplished and I have many more to accomplish as well. I don’t feel productive if I am not setting goals for myself. I love a good challenge and I also love to see my hard work payoff. This industry is constantly evolving, there’s always something fun and creative you can do.

You were cast as the lead role in the Captain Marvel XXX movie. What was that experience like, and how does it feel to play such a favorite comic book character?

Kenzie Taylor: Yes! I was cast as Captain Marvel XXX. I cannot put into words what the entire experience was like. I am beyond full of gratitude to Axel Braun for really taking a shot in the dark with giving me the opportunity. I’ve always wanted to be able to show that I am more than just a gonzo-sex performer. So when given the opportunity to audition for such a role and then to actually be cast, it is really just phenomenal. The feedback since the beginning of this film all the way until currently (three months after releasing) has been nothing but positive, and I couldn’t say thank you enough to Axel, the hard-working crew and the amazing cast members that I was blessed to work with.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Kenzie Taylor: I live a very chill life! I recently took up playing the piano and taking lessons, so I love that. I love to travel, hang out with my boyfriend, and our dog, go to the beach, go to the gym, go to concerts. I’m typically down for whatever, I like going with the flow!

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

Kenzie Taylor: In the last five years, something that has most improved my life would definitely be sobriety. I am sober and clean now for what will be two years (as of this writing: December 10, 2019). I don’t do any drugs, and I don’t drink any alcohol. For someone, such as myself, that has been a huge accomplishment and life change. I am constantly discovering more and more how beautiful the world is and how blessed I am. I have discovered self-care and self-love, something I never had before. My true passion is to help others. When I am helping someone else or even just spending some time with them talking, I love that. It means a lot to me. I love the little things in life, like smiling. Just smile at someone you don’t know today, you never know what kind of day they’re having or what they’re going through, or when you’re out to eat, look at the servers name tag. When you thank them, use their name. I promise it goes a long way!

What’s been the most memorable moment for you so far in your career?

Kenzie Taylor: So far, the most memorable moment for me in my entire career would be getting cast as the lead and acting in Captain Marvel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. Getting three nominations for AVN 2020 and three nominations for XBIZ 2020, from Captain Marvel XXX, one of them from each award show being “Best Actress,” getting to write a script for Pure Taboo/Adult Time, and seeing my creation come to life and getting to act for it alongside two amazing veteran male performers.

You’ve won awards for your stellar performances. How does it feel to be recognized by your peers and fans alike?

Kenzie Taylor: Every time I’m nominated for an award or I’ve won awards, I feel exactly the same each time: truly grateful and just honored. It really is an honor to have my hard work and dedication recognized. I love my fans so much, and I’m so thankful for them.

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