Bird of Passage: Kenzie Clark

Model Kenzie Clark
Model Kenzie Clark

Her beauty is undeniable and her outlook on life is positive. Kenzie Clark is a woman that that knows no limits and with her down-to-earth mentality, it makes her even more desirable.

When did you get interested in modeling?

Kenzie Clark: My parents were always someway or another involved in the arts, so I grew up with fashion & creativity in every facet. I had been interested in modeling since childhood, creating “photoshoots” with my sister around the house, dressing in sheets, or anything we could get our hands on.

What did you envision for yourself when you started to model?

Kenzie Clark: I envisioned myself being able to create things that would evoke emotion. I wanted myself to be portrayed as edgy, racy, & nowhere near normal.

What were some challenges and obstacles that you had to overcome during your modeling career?

Kenzie Clark: My modeling career is a constant battle with myself. I have to always be making sure I’m keeping myself mentally & physically healthy, making sure I’m not overly critical, & be absolutely sure I’m keeping my boundaries with the way I’m portrayed.

At what point in your modeling career did you know that you could do this and make your mark in the industry?

Kenzie Clark: At my very first casting call for an agency three years ago, they had me do a test shoot. I remember getting the photos back, being offered a contract, & thinking to myself, “Oh my god, I can actually do this.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

Kenzie Clark: My day starts with a war between my bed & I. I can’t stand to stop cuddling my four-legged son. After that, it usually varies between my day job as a barista, photoshoots, handling bookings, gym, taking my dog to the dog park, video games, anime, & reading.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Kenzie Clark: I started out my love of the arts in the music industry. I still hang on to my roots as a hobby on a day to day basis. Other than that, if I’m not out traveling or hiking, I’m probably locked away playing video games or watching anime.

Do you have any goals that you’re currently working on to achieve in the future?

Kenzie Clark: I kind of have my heart set on getting back to living on the road, so I’m doing various things to make that happen next year.

The modeling industry has changed a lot since the emergence of social media and technology. What’s your opinion on the current state of the modeling industry, and where do you see the industry headed in the future?

Kenzie Clark: I’m extremely proud of how the industry has changed in the aspect of inclusion & using real bodies. The next step, I’m hoping, will be to get rid of that insane height requirement. 

What can someone learn from you to better themselves and be successful?

Kenzie Clark: I would say just start working on your accountability to yourself. When you notice something you can improve on, improve it. Don’t just make excuses. If I’m not growing on a daily basis, what’s the point of my existence?

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Kenzie Clark: I’m hoping to be seen with larger brands, & just continuing to make weird-ass art.