Enliven: Shani Hollywood

She leaves little to the imagination, and her outlook on life is positive. Shani Hollywood has turned her dreams into reality. She’s a Playboy Playmate and has been featured in Maxim and Esquire. Get your popcorn ready because Shani Hollywood will entertain you like no other.

How did you get interested in modeling?

Shani Hollywood: A friend of mine had started studying photography and asked me to model for him. It was a pretty cool first experience, we did an entire series of the potential rise and fall of a pop star.

What steps did you take to start modeling?

Shani Hollywood: I started using my social media outlets to market myself. After that, photographers started contacting me, and everything pretty much fell into place.

Did you have a specific plan in mind before you started to model, or did you just wing it?

Shani Hollywood: Since I was a young girl, I always dreamed of seeing myself in the pages of Playboy and Maxim. So I set my focus on the glamour side of modeling. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to achieve these goals!

When did you know that not only you could model, but be successful at it too?

Shani Hollywood: Once I started getting published in various international magazines and landing covers. It solidified that I was on the right track.

A lot of models would love to be involved with Playboy (which you are). How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic company?

Shani Hollywood: Amazing. As I said above, I always dreamed about becoming a Playmate, so it’s been an honor working with Playboy and for the legend himself.

What’s something that you haven’t done in modeling, but would like to?

Shani Hollywood: A dream of mine would definitely be to land the covers of American Playboy and Maxim.

How has the pandemic affected your modeling career, and how do you think it will affect the modeling industry for the foreseeable future?

Shani Hollywood: As I think for most industries, at the moment, they’ve taken a hit, but I see them coming back stronger than ever.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not modeling?

Shani Hollywood: When I have a day off, I enjoy curling up on the couch and streaming a good series on Netflix, while indulging in some pizza or sushi.

Is there anyone that you look up to or strive to be like?

Shani Hollywood: Pamela Anderson is definitely a Playboy icon that I admire.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about you and modeling?

Shani Hollywood: I’d have to say that people have a preconceived notion that I’m willing to do porn. I have nothing against that industry, it’s just not something I’ll be partaking in.

How have you grown and evolved since you started modeling?

Shani Hollywood: I’ve definitely grown overall as a person, both emotionally and physically. I’ve also learned the business side of things, like how to market myself.

What are you looking to achieve in the next few years?

Shani Hollywood: Over the next couple of years, I’d like to continue modeling for brands such as Playboy and Maxim and land the American covers.

If you could get a message out to a lot of people, what would you say?

Shani Hollywood: Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams! If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it!

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Shani Hollywood: Guess they’ll have to follow me on my social media to see (winks).

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