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The adult entertainment industry has seen its fair share of talent right here in the US, but there’s no doubt that Adreena Winters (from the UK) has sent shock waves across the world with her beauty and talent. Known for her interracial scenes ( and working with some of the top companies in the industry: Evil Angel, UK Porn Kings, etc. Adreena has established herself as one of the top performers in the industry, and her personality makes you fall in love with her instantly. After reading more about her, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to have a new favorite performer.

What led you into a career in the adult entertainment industry?

Adreena Winters: It was a bit of a slippery slope, really. I did a glamour photoshoot at 21 and loved the pictures, so I uploaded them to an online modeling portfolio site and was approached by some top-shelf magazines, solo porn sites, and eventually approached by a boy/girl porn site a year later.

What was your first experience like in the industry?

Adreena Winters: Cold! My first boy/girl scene was in a massive sports hall for a spoof boy band documentary. I was the choreographer, and the hall was huge and freezing cold!

What was important to you in the beginning of your career?

Adreena Winters: Getting booked, and ticking off fantasies on my list, like being gangbanged.

Are you selective with what scenes or the type of content that you do, or do you just say yes to everything that comes your way?

Adreena Winters: I used to say yes to everything, but I’m very selective now. Platforms like ManyVids, Pornhub, and OnlyFans have given a lot of actors the ability to shoot for themselves and earn well from it. I only shoot for other companies now if I think they are bringing something to the table.

When you’re on camera, what kind of scenes do you enjoy doing the most?

Adreena Winters: My preference is very much black men, and as many of them as possible!

Do you look up to anyone in the industry?

Adreena Winters: I can’t say I do. I used to look up to this one big-name girl, but then I met her, and she massively put me off, her attitude was terrible!

In your opinion, what can the industry improve upon to be better?

Adreena Winters: In the UK, testing could be improved a lot. I love the online system that the USA uses–it makes it much harder to fake, although I’m aware some people still do manage it!

Are there any areas where you think you need to improve?

Adreena Winters: I’m pretty introverted and terrible at networking, which has definitely had an impact on my career.

What’s the best and worst experience that you’ve had in your career?

Adreena Winters: I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with some amazing guys like Rob Piper, Jason Luv, and Richard Mann. I guess the worst experience was probably being conned by a fake casting agency when I was brand new.

Is there anything that you haven’t done in your career, but would like to?

Adreena Winters: I still haven’t done a gangbang with all black guys yet, which I’m very keen to shoot. I was supposed to this year, but COVID has put a stop to that!

You’ve worked with the top companies in the industry and appeared in several publications. How does it feel to be accomplished and well-known in an industry that’s thriving with talent?

Adreena Winters: Yes, it’s great. I’ve worked really hard, so it’s nice that hard work has paid off.

What would it take for you to turn down being in a scene or content that someone wants you to do?

Adreena Winters: I rarely shoot for any companies now. It would probably be easier to say what would it take for me to shoot with them, which would be if it’s in line with my own content (hot wife, snow bunny, and cuckold themes) and would bring me traffic to my own content.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Adreena Winters: I’m super geeky about food and wine (I have a degree in food science). I’m always keen to learn more, as well as go out for dinner far too much! I also used to do long-distance triathlons, and still love running and cycling!

What motivates you in your personal and professional life?

Adreena Winters: I’m a Capricorn, so I’m super motivated by money! But, integrity is also very important to me.

Do you have specific goals that you want to achieve in the future? If so, what are they and why are they important to you?

Adreena Winters: I’m very goal-oriented, but COVID has thrown a monkey wrench for most of this year’s goals. I like to release my own DVDs a few times a year, get a few nominations for awards, and earn more than I did the year before!

Looking back on your career, do you regret anything?

Adreena Winters: I love gangbangs, and found a company doing very large gangbangs in Germany, which I did quite a few of. Unfortunately, it attracted completely the wrong fan base, and people made very wrong assumptions about me as a result. So, I’d probably would not have done that if I could go back in time.

What are you the proudest of in your career, and why?

Adreena Winters: Creating my own amazing brand and not being dependant on getting booked for scenes that I don’t enjoy.

What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned in your career?

Adreena Winters: Be authentic!

If you could only choose one: who would be your all-time favorite male and female performer?

Adreena Winters: Rob Piper and Sara Jay! Both are very down to earth and have zero egos!

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Adreena Winters: Well, hopefully, this pandemic will calm down so I can travel again, so I can continue to hunt down the most beautiful black guys on the planet to have fun with!

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