Stardom: Larissa Dali

Actress, model, and talented beyond belief sums up Larissa Dali perfectly. Getting started in modeling led to Larissa honing her skills as an actress. Larissa is a very strong-minded woman, and she’s very keyed in on what she wants to do and accomplish. It won’t be long now until Larissa is a household name, so we suggest that you get on the bandwagon while there’s still room.

What got you interested in modeling?
Larissa Dali: Acting! I’ve wanted to be an actress since I can remember and modeling was a gateway to making those connections and gaining exposure as well as it being another form of storytelling that I could do to keep my chops up while training and a skill I could utilize on my way to becoming an actress.


When you began to model, what kind of model did you want to be, and what did you want to accomplish?

Larissa Dali:  An Every model? Haha, I was never one who wanted to be pigeonholed or put into a box of any kind. I wanted to do it all! Ad campaigns fashion, editorial, bikini, fitness, art, all of the above. I had always seen myself in like a guess ad or Calvin Klein ad and have dreamed of being a Victoria Secret angel for years. I actually had a wall collage of Guess, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Victoria Secret ads as my workout and inspiration motivators when I was in high school. 

Before you agree to do a photoshoot, what determines if youre going to do it?

Larissa Dali: A few factors, nowadays, I only do things that are beneficial for me financially or career-wise. But even then, I’m all about energy and Artistic viewpoints. It has to be a mutual concept viewpoint and someone who wants the same things I do because if the visions don’t align, then how are we going to create something worthwhile in any aspect?

What makes you feel confident when youre in front of the camera?

Larissa Dali: Channeling energies from all the powerful women who paved the way before me. For example, if I want my irresistible inner seductress to come out, I channel Marilyn Monroe. If I want to be unbreakable, fierce, and enigmatic, I Channel Tyra banks. If I want high class, sophisticated, timeless, and hard to get, I think of Jackie o or Michelle Obama. If I want an alternative, punky, who-gives- a-shit attitude Madonna and lady Gaga come to mind. It’s all about what the director, client, or photographer needs from me and pulling that energy. We all have the confidence and power and energies of all those women within, but it’s all about tapping into that inner power and realizing those strengths.

People see the result of modeling, whether it be in a magazine or on social media, but what does it take to be a successful model such as yourself?

Larissa Dali: Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Focus, confidence, perseverance, and Trust in yourself.

What havent you done yet in your career, but would like to?

Larissa Dali: A multitude of things, but the next step is to gain international exposure by landing a spot on a national tv show as a lead or recurring character or a big-budget film as a lead or supporting actress. I have so many big plans and aspirations, and I’m not one to let a vision fall by the wayside. I could go on for a while with This question.

Do you have any regrets, or would you do anything different in your career?

Larissa Dali: Regrets is such a strong word there are things I would’ve handled differently in retrospect, but as far as regret goes no, because it wouldn’t have brought me to who I am and where I am now. I would warn models to be careful and smart and do their research so they don’t end up in some situations that I have found myself in, but I learned from those situations, and it made me a stronger and better person and more aware but if other models can learn from my mistakes rather than creating their own I think that’s the best way to prevent any dangerous situations.

When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing?

Larissa Dali: If I say Acting again, will it be too redundant? Haha, I’m always studying my craft and trying to become a better actress and human being; honestly, the more I learn about different topics, the better well rounded I am as a human being, so I’ll do things like horseback riding I want to learn fencing learning about the environment and our ecosystem I love to read and write! I love swimming. I like to bake, oh! I’m very competitive. I love games, and there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, in my opinion, I love Texas hold ‘em, and I will kick your ass at it.

What motivates you? 

Larissa Dali: Those that I’ve lost too soon and the family that I have left. My goals, what I know, can be and will be in those I see succeeding around me, the ones that are genuine and full of love.

We’re living in uncertain times right now with a pandemic going on. How are you getting through it?

Larissa Dali: I’ve been super fortunate to thrive during this time, but I’ve always been one to create something out of nothing. I always find away if you will because where there’s a will, there’s a way LOL. But seriously, I am blessed to be as fortunate as I am and getting all these opportunities in such an uncertain time, but I also am sharing that with those less fortunate, and I’m trying to do what I can to make sure that my friends and family are taking care of as well.

What are you the proudest of in your life, and why?

Larissa Dali: This is a very tough question. I’m really proud of where I am in this moment, and I am learning to enjoy the journey as much as getting to the destination because that’s what life is about when it boils down to it but to actually answer your question.

If you could get a message out to people, what would you say? 

Larissa Dali: Stay true to yourself, be authentic, and question everything. I live to inspire and make people realize their full potential. I want to succeed so that others can know it’s possible. I feel like a lot of people get lost in who they think they are supposed to become what they are supposed to do, but in reality, this is your life you only have one that we know of for sure, so live it and be happy do what you wanna do as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

What can people expect to see from you in the future? 

Larissa Dali: Expect the unexpected. You will see me on the big screen, you’ll see me in the magazines, you will see me on tv. I plan to keep creating art in every single medium and hopefully change the world in the process not only through art but through humanity itself!

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