Conspicuous: Cookie Boggino

If you’re a fan of Suicide Girls, then you’re most certainly a fan of Cookie Boggino. Since Cookie stumbled upon Suicide Girls on social media, she had her sights on becoming a model for the iconic brand. Not only has Cookie become a Suicide Girls model, but she’s humble and eager to learn more and expand her horizons.

What got you interested in modeling?

Cookie Boggino: My big dream was always to be a Runway Fashion Model, but I’m 1.60 cm tall, I did many castings but the answer was always no but that didn’t stop me so I looked for another option to make my dream come true and one day, scrolling through Tumblr, I found a beautiful picture of a Girl full tattooed and on the corner was the SG logo. I looked online and when I found the website I fall in love instantly. That’s how everything started… and never stopped!

Were you inspired by any models when you started to model?

Cookie Boggino: Well, that tattooed girl on Tumblr was Gogo Suicide, an Italian model. She became my favorite SG, I saw every single set of her and I learned a lot from it but I always tried to do my own modeling, my own poses, my own style.

Was there anything specific that you wanted to accomplish in modeling when you started?

Cookie Boggino: I always wanted to become “THAT” alternative model that one day will help another girl to take the first step to fulfill her dream.

What is it like to be a Suicide Girl?

Cookie Boggino: Is everything. SG gave me so many things apart from the opportunity to be who I wanted to be. SG gave me friends, family, fans, adventures, dreams, happiness, stories, and much more. To be a Suicide Girl is to be unstoppable!

What makes you unique and sets you apart from other models?

Cookie Boggino: I don’t know if I’m unique as a model but what I like the most about modeling is that I create a character in my mind in every photoshoot. I put myself in the skin of that person that I want to represent. In that way, I enjoy every single second of the shoot and I think that when people see my work they will enjoy it with me!

When you’re not modeling, what do you like to do?:

Cookie Boggino: Between modeling and my other job as a manager of a tattoo studio, I don’t have much time free, but when I do I like to travel as much as I can. For work and for fun. I also enjoy reading, playing PS4, spend time with my friends, going to the gym/training at home, getting tattooed and shopping, is one of my favorite things to do lol.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Cookie Boggino: On my days as manager, I wake up early in the morning, prepare myself, make coffee and go to work where I spend 11 hours managing the shop, helping customers, making tattoos designs, taking orders, etc. I come back home, train for an hour, take a shower, eat, watch tv while enjoying a joint with my roommate, and go back to sleep. On my days as a model, I wake up around noon, start with makeup and planning the outfits, prepare the location, and start shooting. I do as much content as I can for all my social media. If I have to travel to another city or to another location I wake up earlier and leave everything ready the night before. I always bring many options of outfits with me and then choose the best ones with the photographer. On my days off I like to wake up late cause I love to sleep, make coffee and see what the day will bring me!

In the next few years, what would you like to achieve?

Cookie Boggino: One of my big goals is to shoot a cover for a Tattoo Magazine, which would be incredible for me! Also, I would like to start taking acting classes, apart from as a model I always wanted to be an actress!

What do you wish that people would understand more about you?

Cookie Boggino: I try to not care about what people think of me. This is something that pushes me back many, many years of my youth, so now I do whatever I like to do no matter what, as long as it makes me happy. And everybody should do the same!

When you’re faced with a challenge or difficulty in your life, how do you deal with it and overcome it?

Cookie Boggino: With positivity, always. I love challenges, so they are more than welcome, and if it gets difficult I will keep going; nothing and no one will decide the course of my life, only me.

Do you have any regrets, or would you have done anything differently in your modeling?

Cookie Boggino: Not at all, every decision I made was the best option. It took me where I am today, happy and stronger than ever.

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Cookie Boggino: I hope much much more. I want to continue growing as a model and person. I want to travel and meet models and photographers all around the world. I want to expand my social media with amazing content every day. I just hope that we all, alternative models and sex workers, can continue growing in the industry without limits, without restrictions, without having to explain why without absurd rules that do not allow us to be what we want to be and what we want to do to have a better life. I want a better future for us because we deserve it as much as anyone else.

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