Extol: Star Veronica

Currently, in Rome, Star Veronica caught our attention right away with her gorgeous looks and personality that you’ll fall in love with right away. With her killer looks and talent, Star Veronica will easily be at the top of your list and on your mind.

How did modeling interest you?

Star Veronica: I have always dreamed of the big catwalks of the greatest designers, and I still dream of them
But getting bigger and bigger, I never accepted the concept of the mannequin model, without shapes, without curves and therefore, I approached a sector of the model that could be combined with my physicality; in this way, I love to pose, and I always have fun.
In any case, besides being a pleasure to pose, it is always a job that I respect and perform with the utmost professionalism
One of the things I don’t like about the fashion industry in general is that many mistake your being a model for being something else.
Unfortunately, I live in a country that still has many taboos and prejudices on several fronts.
It is certainly not easy to prove that you are a model and to be an extremely serious and professional person.

So far, what has been your overall experience like in modeling?

Star Veronica: As I said before, my experience as a model is a little different from what is thought in the common imagination
Usually, we imagine models only those we see on the catwalks or in the best newspapers such as Vogue, ELLE, BAZAAR certainly is the highest level of model that can be achieved in terms of fame and money. Still, the model at lower levels covers many other jobs that require a beautiful presence as the hostess for events, the image girl in the clubs, small parts in movies or TV programs.
Or an artistic nude model
I definitely fall into this part not only for my physicality but also for various reasons that in my life have led me more in this direction.

Are there any goals that you’re currently working on?

Star Veronica: My goals are different, and I always have many in mind; it is what makes me alive and also a great dreamer.

What makes you feel confident and sexy?

Star Veronica: When I get compliments they are usually always the same banal and obvious
When they tell me that I am sexy or sensual, it is what gratifies me the most because it means that it really caused a sensation.
Certainly one of the points in my favor is the look and the gestures.
I understood this by dealing with many men with whom I have worked, and they have captured this aspect in the photos, those with whom I have instead had to do in a relationship … Well, very few because most perceive only a nice butt or nice tits (laughs).

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Star Veronica: First of all my hobbies are my jobs
In addition to being a model, I am a beautician, makeup artist, and Dermopigmentist
But I love the piano that I have studied for 10 years and that I am not playing for the moment
I love music, all of it!
And I love drawing (I went to art school) even though I don’t always have a lot of time to do it.

Is there anything that you dislike about modeling?

Star Veronica: Modeling is fun for me, but like all jobs, it has its downsides
Always having your make-up combed even when you feel bad, you don’t want to, you’re sad it’s really heavy.
And it is not easy because the face and expression play the fundamental role.

Are you inspired by anyone or anything?

Star Veronica: I love instagram. I like to see what runs on this platform. I follow different fashion brands and models or famous people who inspire me
But I don’t like to copy honestly. I like to always be myself; in this way, I believe I’m always me and have my uniqueness.

What sets you apart and makes you stand out from other models?

Star Veronica: What distinguishes me from other models in my sector is that it is not homologated
I don’t like stereotypes and fashion, of course … if I think a pair of shoes are ugly or they don’t fit me, I will never wear them even if they are fashionable.
I try to remain myself following the moment.
A very simple example I could do is the flared trousers that are back in fashion … I find it hideous and I will never wear it again!
But when I was a teenager, I loved it!
We change more than fashion!

Do you regret or would you do anything different in your modeling career?

Star Veronica: I do not regret anything about my job because I have always dealt with it with great professionalism at the cost of refusing money and very ambiguous profitable jobs in order to remain exactly what I am: a model.

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Star Veronica: What people expect of me in the future will, as always, be a surprise. I am not the classic person on whom a prediction can be made.