Distinguished: Jessica Gomez

Hailing from Barcelona, international model sensation, Jessica Gomez, has been busy solidifying herself as a standout model and personality. Determined and on a mission to accomplish her goals, Jessica is sure to turn heads while paving her way to stardom.

When did modeling interest you and what led you to become a model? 

Jessica Gomez: I never thought about being a model but just many friends of my family and friends of mine they were asking me why I was not working as a model, as I have really thin and long legs, skinny body and I was really tall with heels. So I started googling some modeling agencies in Barcelona. Some of them got me and I started getting in contact with the sector and doing a portfolio, some shooting, spots, etc. 

What did you want to accomplish when you started to model?

Jessica Gomez: I would have loved seeing me in the big screens in NYC, or important magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue. And working in one of the best reputed world agencies. 

Did you face any challenges or difficulties early on in your career?

Jessica Gomez: Lots of them. My family wasn’t helping me, neither my boyfriend that time. Then had to deal with delayed payments, people that wants to take advantage of you and your body, fake promises, impostors, etc. Modeling it’s one of the hardest sectors you can find but people think models live really good and they don’t do or think anything. This is not a work where you go everyday to the same place with the same people, so you have to be really careful with each new one you are gonna make a deal or work. 

What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

Jessica Gomez: I enjoy the fact of having more freedom, traveling and meeting new people in almost every project. It brings you a lot when you find right people, and as I’m freelancer model, I organize the shootings how and when I want so I have the freedom to take some days off when I need it or just for me.  

How have you grown and evolved as a model since you first started?

Jessica Gomez: After 12 years I’ve improved and learned a lot ofc! (wouldn’t be working so long if I wouldn’t have done!). Improved in every shooting, and of every professional. In every country they work a bit different, so the knowledge is assured. I started working only in my city, then in all my region, in my country, after in Europe, and this year I went bit further planning for the States, but with COVID unfortunately I haven’t been able to go. About the projects, I started doing collabs, and with the time, I started doing projects for websites, expositions, catalogues, working with designers, some catwalk and doing influencer jobs.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Jessica Gomez: If I don’t have a shoot, I update my social like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… I do some stories promoting my sites and work, I do some post, I answer emails, I edit pictures or videos, I create content for YouTube… Lots of stuff to do here!If I have a shooting, I wake up early (depending on the shooting time from 6am to 8am) and get ready! Pick some clothing, shoes and accessories (if needed) and I drive or take the train to the place!

When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing?

Jessica Gomez:  If I’m not modeling and I don’t have to work at home, I like meeting some friends, or going to the place I like the most in Barcelona (hotel W) with sea views and have a cocktail or a glass of champagne while hearing nice music. Also I like traveling for pleasure. One of my favorite places is Santorini!

Besides modeling, is there anything else that you want to do or have your eye on?

Jessica Gomez:  I’m doing some investments in Cryptocurrency and I wanna invest in Real Estate too. Also I wanna move to another country and I have my eye in US so I’m moving already all the stuff to live there. In the other hand, I’m interested in actress jobs, TV presenter or collab, and maybe working in something related with exotic cars as they’re one of my passions. 

What do you wish that people would understand about you more and modeling in general?

Jessica Gomez:  I would like the people consider always that a model gets paid and that they don’t try to negotiate her/his salary. We spend lots of time in this carrer as I told you in the question above, and also going to the gym daily, having a good diet, doing lots of hair, body, skin treatments, buying clothing, shoes, bags, etc. We live of our image so we must invest a lot, and this is a job, so we eat of this! 

Do you have any regrets regarding your modeling career?

Jessica Gomez:  Mmm… maybe don’t start working a lot in my career when I was younger. I mean, I was doing modeling as an “extra” job. Was having my “normal” job (most of the time in offices as administrative) and then the weekends, or when I was going out of my job in the evening, doing some shooting, but I would have liked to be doing this work full time and traveling much earlier. 

How have you been able to separate yourself from the crowd and stand out from other models?

Jessica Gomez: Never liked to be like anyone else so for me has been always like that. I think and do different.

Jessica Gomez: from the rest of the people. I don’t follow trends neither. In the other hand, found the 90% of the models are full of envy and fake. They’re all the time dealing with insecurities and taking everything as a competition, and that enviroment it’s really toxic so always I’ve been far of other models. I found some friend, but I can count it with one hand. 

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Jessica Gomez: They can expect to see me on the TV as I said acting, participating in some TV program or as a presenter. I will continue with modeling till I can and creating content, ofc. And I guess also living far from here, and starting new businesses with a partner I guess (I would love it!).