Multitudinous: Ray Ray

She’s arrived and you’ll never forget this talented beauty. Ray Ray has entered the adult entertainment industry, and in the short amount of time that she’s been in it, she’s well on her way to becoming one of the most memorable performers in the industry. Ray Ray prefers multiples (as in men) as she solidifies herself in the industry as the “Queen of Gangbangs.”

*Interview and photos courtesy of the Rub PR

What ultimately led you to get into the adult entertainment industry?

Ray Ray: I’ve been doing recreational gangbangs since I was 23. I had over 600 gigs of homemade porn and I started posting some of the content on a few swinger sites. I got a lot of great reception to the content, so it motivated me to fully put myself out there.

What was your first scene in the industry, and how did it go? 

Ray Ray: My first scene was shoot with an actor that I found when I was traveling through LA in January 2020. The scene is called “Ray Ray and Troy McNutt: The Facial King.” It was my first time making Title 18 content and specifically shooting porn. It went really well—the actor showed up and could perform all the necessary positions and acts. The only thing I would change is we had to use condoms, because the video was shot quickly and we didn’t have time to get tested.

Early on in your career, did you face any challenges or difficulties? 

Ray Ray: My career is still very new. I’ve been only openly doing porn for less than a year. The challenges I have faced is the field are it is extremely competitive. I’ve found you have to look perfect on all fronts to get shoots. This can even mean getting plastic surgery. A few other difficulties for me are I don’t live in a porn mecca, so I am stuck always traveling for shoots and the STI testing that’s necessary for shoots is very expensive and only good for two weeks at a time.

What’s it like being a new performer in the industry, and trying to make a name for yourself? 

Ray Ray: It’s extremely hard. You are doing a lot of work for very little return and recognition. And just like the music or acting industry, only handful of people make it. I usually spend a good part of my days promoting my brand and content.  Another downside is, since I’m not yet represented by a talent agency, I’m constantly looking for shooting opportunities on my own. This means I spend a decent amount of time looking at and talking to (mostly independent) production outfits potential shoots. More than half the time deals to make those shoots happen fall through for one reason or another– someone gets sick, gets called into their job, COVID, producers or organizers fail to communicate, not enough performers sign on to multi-day shooting events, etc. All this can become extremely frustrating. Add to that all the tremendous amount pressure to look a certain way and a competitive need to live in one of the major production hubs (LA, Miami, or Las Vegas), it dawns on you just how competitive of a field it really is. So, you have to have a way to stand out, figure out what’s unique about you, and focus on that.

Did you have a plan in mind or goals that you wanted to accomplish while working your way through the industry, or are you more spontaneous? 

Ray Ray: I have three goals I am wanting to accomplish during my time in the industry.

1. Bring the large gangbang back to the main stage.

2. Showing women it’s okay to be slutty and how to take control of their sexuality.

3. Normalize porn. Show that an average woman can do it. You don’t have to change your body or look perfect to be successful.

You’re known for being “Queen of Gangbangs.” Was that something that you were always interested in, or did that just come about for you while being in the industry?

 Ray Ray: I have done 40 recreational gangbangs. Recreational means I don’t get paid to do them. Most of these events have been 10+ men. I do these events because I truly love them, but I would love nothing more to be paid to do this type of shoot.

How do you prepare to perform, and do certain scenes require preparation? 

Ray Ray: First I figure out how many guys I can get to come for the shoot (the amount determines the type of shoot). Then I determine the type of shoot. (DP, outdoor, etc.) I try to think of new stuff I haven’t done before. Figure out my outfit choice, and does it need to be cute, sexy, or rippable, as well as my hairstyle. Before I the scene, I look at other porn videos similar to the shoot idea. This helps me decide what positions I should do and how the scene should flow. I brief the guys. If I need them to wear something, save cum, etc. Some porn acts require more preparation than others. If I’m I doing anal, I have to clean and stretch to be ready for shooting.

Are there certain positions or scenes that you get more excited to do than others?

Ray Ray: I always get more excited for anything involving multiple men. I love DP, airtight, etc. Also, more men means more cum, which is definitely my favorite thing when it comes to sex.

What are some companies and performers that you haven’t worked with yet, but would like to?

Ray Ray: Since I’ve very new and 2020 was a terrible year to start a porn career, I’ve only had the opportunity to work with amateur production companies. I would love to be able to shoot for any of the mainstream companies, especially Blacked or Tushy. It would also be a great honor to ever do a video with Riley Reid or Adriana Chechik.

Since being in the industry, what’s been your favorite experience that stands above the rest?

Ray Ray: Right now being able to travel to the few cities to shoot content. 2020 was a hard year to be starting out in the porn industry, but I was still lucky enough to travel to a few places.

When you’re not performing and/or working, what do you enjoy doing?

Ray Ray: I love to paint, decorate my home, go running, and hang out with my five animals (four cats and a Golden Retriever).

Do you separate your personal life and work, or do you blend the two? 

Ray Ray: I try my best to keep the two separate, but to be successful in this line of work you constantly have to be promoting and creating. That means I have to make the most out of any opportunity I get, even if that means working when I shouldn’t be.

In the next few years, what do you want to do and achieve in the industry?

 Ray Ray: Quite a few things: Get picked up by an adult talent agency, shoot with a few mainstream companies, accomplish large scenes (like an 18-man gangbang, 20+ guy scene, and an 18-guy bukkake), be a role model for other women wanting to be slutty,
start the conversation of normalizing porn, and reduce the pressure on women to look a certain way and the need of plastic surgery.

Looking back on your career right now, what are you the proudest of and is there anything that you would do differently or wish that you had not done at all? 

Ray Ray: I just started my career, so ask me this  question again in a few years. But I do wish I had known how hard this industry was before I got into it. 

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Ray Ray: Hopefully a lot more great content, including multiple men. I will continue to work on building myself up in this industry and hopefully eventually earn the title “Gangbang Queen.”

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