Spellbinding: Irina Le Fey

If you happen to come across Irina Le Fey, you should stop and pay attention to not only her beauty but listen to what she has to say. Irina is not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s confident with her thoughts and body. It’s 2021, and the adult entertainment industry has still not garnered the attention and respect that it deserves. Well, Irina Le Fey is about to change that. She is the voice of reason for countless sex workers, and Irina will make sure that she and many like her are respected and understood. We need to get over the notion that sex work is bad and accept that there are honest people just trying to make a living, expressing themselves, and providing entertainment and value to people worldwide. Once you learn about Irina Le Fey, you’ll never forget about her, and you’ll come away impressed with a newfound respect for this incredible woman.

What was appealing about being a sex worker, and what ultimately led you to decide to
become one? 

Irina Le Fey: Since I was a teenager, I always have been fascinated by the erotic industry. I know
there a lot of bad prejudices about a sex worker, but in my view, I have always seen
sex worker as strong independent women who don’t belong to one man and don’t have to
fit into the concept of being married to one man, whom they have to depend on. I
loved becoming a sex worker because I can live out my personality and use my
abilities and passions. One of my strengths is to fulfill the imagination of my
counterpart and to enjoy it. I really enjoy becoming the perfect girlfriend for a man
during the time of our date. I want to give him what he desires so that he can
experience himself even better. I love when people can completely open up in my
company because they feel loved and safe enough to do it.

Were there any challenges or difficulties that you had to go through when you first

Irina Le Fey: When I started, I kept it a secret, and I didn’t tell my friends and family. So I had
nobody to ask for advice. In my case, I was lucky and brave enough to look for good
working conditions, but many people don’t. This is why I started a website
called Einstiegescort.de, where I provide information and help for people who want to
enter into sex work and especially into an escort. The most difficult thing for me was the
stigma. In my opinion, this does the most damage. When people have to hide this job,
they lose the connection and support of friends and family’s social network.
They also have no ability to speak up and fight for their rights. The most exhausting and
most important step was to be open about my job. My friends and family support me,
respect me, and they are proud of my life choices. But I have to fight all the negative
prejudices of society every day. But since I have my family and friends behind me, I
will do what I can to fight the stigma so that one day every sex worker can be open and
proud about the work they do.

What do you enjoy and dislike the most about being a sex worker?

Irina Le Fey: I most dislike the stigma and what it causes. Not so much for me but for other workers
who are in worse living or working conditions. Sexwork needs to be accepted because it
will, and it has always existed. We can just choose if it exists legal and safe or illegal and
unsafe. The most I enjoy what I mentioned to the question what was appealing to
become a sex worker.
The feeling that I do something that adds value in other people’s life. With my work, I
give something good to my clients emotionally, sexually, and in general. I help them to feel
being loved and valued. I give them an opportunity to fulfill their fantasies and to live
out parts of their selfs they have tried to hide before. I also enjoy the flexibility, the
independence, the freedom (financially and in general),
And I also want to prove all the people wrong who keep telling sex work means rape or that
men can buy or abuse women. I always feel safe and in power, and I want that all
sex workers can feel this way. For this, we need to fight the stigma!

Do you look up to and/or are inspired by anyone in your line of work? 

Irina Le Fey: I am so grateful for the owner of the second agency I worked with. She taught me so
much, and without her support, I wouldn’t be where I am now. In general, I am inspired by
so many other brave sex workers who show their faces and parts of their life and their
soul online. But I also appreciate all the others who can not show their face as much of
their life. Not everyone is lucky enough to be open about this job. So I love and support
every sex worker I come across on social media. Each of them has a journey, and each of
them earns to be supported. The more we dare to promote ourselves online, the more
we can fight this job’s stigma.

What’s the biggest misconception about sex work, and why do you think it’s frowned
upon and not accepted? 

Irina Le Fey: Sex workers were women who stood up against the patriarchy since they didn’t depend on one man and didn’t get married. In many cultures, sex workers had a good image, but with the church and the moral concept of marriage, sex work needed to be banned.
Sexwork isn´t the problem! The problems are the conditions of how sex workers can do
their jobs. Sexwork, in general, is never about men oppressing or abusing women. When
this happens in sex work, it is caused by the circumstances.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do? 

Irina Le Fey: I study sociology and gender studies. I love to read, to do pole dance, to be with my dogs, to be with family and friends, of course, I love to improve my healthy lifestyle and to
learn about food and health in general, I love wellness like sauna and hot baths, I love
hiking, I paint, I am a goldsmith…so I am creative, and I love to build stuff with my
handy…mostly small stuff like jewelry.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Irina Le Fey: I don’t have a typical day. But what I always do is a ten minutes meditation in the
morning, after this drinking matcha and cuddling with my dogs and the rest depends
on if I have to prepare a date if I have to study, if I have to work on advertising, or if I
take a day off to spend with my dogy and friend/family. Since I am really active because
of my dogs anyway I don’t have to do sport to stay fit, but I enjoy to do either running or
yoga or pole dance at least every second day.

In the next few years, what would you like to accomplish? 

Irina Le Fey: I want to help to give sex work a better image. An image of that is more real and what the industry deserves! I want to help people who enter the industry with my knowledge and
advice as well as I can. I want to fight for better working conditions for all sex workers, and of course, I want to fight the stigma. Form y life, I want to buy a farm with my best
friend and have an animal sanctuary, grow my own food and offer seminars there to
support other peoples journey.

Out of everything that you’ve done in your life, what are you the proudest of and why?


Irina Le Fey: I am proud that, against all prejudices, I decide to become a sex worker because I felt I want it. I went through a lot to support my decision, but it was worth it. I have, meanwhile,
my own escort agency, I have friends and family who support me, and I have a job that
feels worth fighting for. I feel that I have the knowledge, experience, and the passion
for this job that I can use to fight for better rights and conditions for other
sex workers as well.

Is there anything that you regret or wish that you would have done differently in your

Irina Le Fey: Just small things but nothing big. In general, everything was needed the way it went to lead me where I am now. And I am happy now. This whole process of deciding to become
a sex worker till opening up about it helped me grow so much. Also, my family and friends’ relationships got more honest, deeper, and more valuable through this process.
I am so grateful that becoming a sex worker brought me even closer to my friends and
family. We are so honest, and we can talk about everything. My parents know everything
about me, and even my grandparents know about my job and talk with me about it. And
even if not everyone likes it the same, they all accept that as long it makes me happy and
it feels right for me, that is all that they want for me.

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Irina Le Fey: I will try to become more politically active and use my position and privileges as well as I can to fight for better rights and working conditions for all sex workers. I
worked hard to achieve the working conditions I have now, and I put a lot of time and
energy into my career. But I still do not take it for granted. I know many sex workers still
miss the access to use their power and their rights. I know that many have to hide their
jobs because they suffer from the stigma’s negative causes. Escorts are mostly more
privileged or less stigmatized than other sex workers, and many escorts want to avoid a
connection to other sex work to avoid the negative stigma. But I want people to know
that I started as a stripper in the redlight district. I didn’t start as what people call a High-class escort. A framing what I don’t like, by the way, since I don’t think that we should call
some sex workers being a higher class than others. I know the red light district. I know
the brothels and the clients there. I just achieved the conditions I have now, which doesn’t make me a better and higher-class sex worker than others. I want to share my journey as much as I can to support sex workers in general. I just finished my bachelor thesis, and the topic of my work is asymmetrical power balance in sex work and how sex workers can be more powerful. So except for sexy pictures, great dates, and erotic content, people can expect many deep thoughts and scientific analyses of sex work.

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