Illustrious: Courtney Cummz

Since the inception of the adult entertainment industry, many performers have become fan favorites and have entertained us all through the years. Still, one individual stands out above the rest, and that person is Courtney Cummz. As soon as she entered the industry, Courtney made an immediate impact and instantly created a buzz. It seemed as though she became a quick fan favorite, and virtually everyone knew who she was (even those that didn’t necessarily watch adult films). Courtney has the innate ability to grab your full attention, and it doesn’t hurt that she adores and loves her fans. She’s been through the ups and downs during the course of her career, and Courtney has always stayed true to herself. Names will come and go in adult entertainment, but only a few will forever be embedded in the minds of millions, and Courtney Cummz is one name that you’ll never forget.

What ultimately led you to want to get into the adult entertainment industry?

Courtney Cummz: I was a broke college student working at a nudist resort in Tampa, FL. I was already a nudist as well as a freak, so I thought to myself, ‘why not get paid for it?’ I’m a sexual person, and I love to be independent where porn allows girls to have their independence, and it’s lucrative.

When you started in the industry, did you face any challenges or difficulties? If so, how did you overcome them?

Courtney Cummz: Yes, there are always challenges when working with women and men in sexual intercourse. There are many drugs in the industry where most people use daily. I am not a user; I was/am a sex addict. I was always faced with being offered drugs on a regular, yet my answer was always no. With that being said, if you don’t play the game to get to the top, you have to have your fans or supporters to really help you make it. The AVN’s is an example of playing that game. Most of the girls that win the awards hangout and party with the reviewers. I never played that game hence why I am one of the most underrated adult stars in the industry (as the fans would say).

Were you inspired by other performers in the industry when you started, and did you know what kind of performer you wanted to be?

Courtney Cummz: As a matter of fact, I was not. I just wanted to make some money and bounce. Did that happen? Nope (laughs). I became addicted to the sex and money. I loved showing off on camera and on stage. Flying all over the world to do appearances and directing scenes, there was no limit on how much I could evolve with having a large company supporting me. I was under contract with Zero Tolerance for seven years. There were no limits; my boss allowed me to evolve.

What was your approach to agreeing to do a scene or appear in a film early on in your career?

Courtney Cummz: My agent told me to do anal on my second scene, which was Peter North. I didn’t know I was supposed to take it slow. I was like, “Let’s make this money and drain these dicks.” That was my duty.

Did you say yes to everything, or were you more selective with what you did?

Courtney Cummz: I performed with what I enjoyed: DP, BG, BGG, Gangbang, BJ, GG, DGA, no transsexuals’ just because I don’t perform with crossover stars.

Are there any scenes that stick out to you above the rest that you’re really proud of?

Courtney Cummz: Bakers Dozen and Anal Cavity Search.

Which performers did you like working with the most?

Courtney Cummz: James Deen, Flash Brown, and Mick Blue.

You’ve been very successful and have made a name for yourself throughout your career. How were you able to do that amongst so many other performers that have come and gone in the industry?

Courtney Cummz: You have to have a plan. It’s a legit business from taxes to each move. Like chess, you have to calculate and watch others that fail. Also, you need a good team. Don’t keep the “Yes” friends. Keep the friends that tell you how it is versus your fantasy world. Stay away from the addicts: they will drain your energy and finances. Everyone has a job because you can not be everywhere at the same time. I have acquired an army of helpers. I could of continued performing, although I am thankful I was able to establish myself prior to exiting Los Angeles and having such amazing loyal fans. I have had the same members to my sites since 2005. My guys are amazing; I love you all! Also, I do not rip off fans, and I also keep my word. Many girls take advantage of the fans and keep their money. I always make sure the order is completed and delivered even if the mail service messed something up, as that does happen occasionally.

Was there anything that you didn’t particularly like about the industry during the course of your career, and do you think any changes need to be made in the industry right now for it to grow and continue to succeed?

Courtney Cummz: Yes, there are many issues, especially with AVN. It’s all political. Whoever pays the most for advertising they have control over rewards. One guy there years ago told me I’d win if I peed in a tub for a week, then dommenated him I would win. I said to him, “No thanks!” I never looked back (laughs). I just kept doing me. I then won awards from other companies that saw my hard work and how many buyers I had. Now the industry has evolved, a performer only needs a platform to succeed, starting at social media, then from there, the world is at their fingertips.

Out of everything that you’ve done in your career, what are you the proudest of and why?

Courtney Cummz: First, I am a strong, independent woman that kept working hard through traveling all over to fans, signings, and appearances, videos, anal, etc., to directing as well as being my own editor and webmaster. You can teach yourself anything. Next week I graduate with my Bachelor’s in Psychology then continuing my education to Masters in Psychology. I will have my therapist license in two years. The sky is the limit. You keep striving, don’t give up. You can stand on your two feet no matter what obstacles you may encounter.

What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Courtney Cummz: I currently breed French bulldogs as a hobby breeder while attending class and my porn hustle. I will be a licensed therapist; I want to help others.

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